Shooters (Ft OffTrack & Sirius I...

• Written by  • Featuring Offy and SIRIUS_ISSUES

Saint_James's Notes

Prod - Mubz Beats
Mix & Master - Mike Parker
Cover Art - Saint James
Hook - OffTrack
1st Verse - Saint James
2nd Verse - Sirius Issues

//Hook - OffTrack
You know that i got my shooters, my shooters/
I be coming with my troopers my troopers
Haters come we gonna kill them all/x2
Haters come we gonna kill them all/
//1st Verse - Saint James
Haters run up then I'm calling up my shooters/
Try to ride up on us then we shooting through your uber/
I got some troopers, that pack bazookas/
Lifting up the metal an it blew like a tuba/
I'm cocking boomers, they banging like some 808s/
Shoot it then I'm gone, call that shit a fade away/
Fuck wht the haters say, talk shit then I spray the K/
Running out of time, man it's safe to say this ain't your day/
Living place to place, I'm always on the run/
Motherfuckers scared to fight so they always pack a gun/
One shot an your done, you be leaking redrum/
But this is just a metaphor what my pen dose/
Don't pretend to, be using no bullets/
When I'm killing people I do it with music/
They Thinking it's cool, man these dudes really stupid/
Keep popping your two lips, an that will get you hit, Clueless/
Dufus now your roof is missing/
Refuse to listen, to the proposition/
Fresh on the list like a new petition/
Now your life is in hands of a group of new physicians/
Cruel with Writtens, I never ease up/
Thinking your cool but I bet you freez up/
Making you heat up, my pen is heater/
It's spraying this ether, cutting up your weak buzz/
Like a tree stump these weak just got chopped Down/
It's like we hunters an they ducks Cuz they got shot down/
Trying to comp my Crown, an you up in the clouds/
Notes app on my phone is where your body probably found/
Unconscious nodding out, like overdosing/
Holy ghost just shows up, like it's hocus pocus/
Psychosis, Hypnosis, you coma toasted/
Going Vote for vote your only hope an you know it/
//Hook - OffTrack
//2nd Verse - Sirius Issues
You should bite ya tongue, Cuz I spit like a gun
Once I get fired up, You could get fired on
You’ll feel the wrath of me, Words hitting rapidly
Could light you up, Like you ignite a bong
You see the weapon that’s inside my palm?
It’s just a mic, It’s not a firearm
Doesn’t look lethal but could be as deadly
You won’t be the first rapper killed by a song
Move right along or you’ll move right along
Lift your soul up to the blue sky, beyond
You’re at the top with the almighty god
While I’m topping the charts Cuz that’s where I belong
As Saint mows the grass, I’ll be cooped by the lawn
Aiming at snakes with my Neumann mic drawn
He’s like an Uzi that shoots like a swarm
And I’m like a cannon in humanlike form
And we moving like Bourne
Once you’re inside the scope
You’re going down like your zip line just broke
I could tsunami or riptide a hoe
Guess you could call it homicidal flow
And it’s long as the Nile, I’m the best.
You’re in denial, Leave the dead all in a pile
As many head shots of emcees as I get in one breath
You should just call me Chris Kyle
I pour into town take subordinates out
Walking about with slaughterous mouth
Just cuz I’m black and a quarter Ital
Don’t mean I won’t pull a howitzer out
I want ordinance now or ya all disembowled
Guts all amok just for talking aloud
If anyone mentions OffTrack or Hood Threat,
then Saint, Send their coordinates now!

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