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Pagliacci's Notes

For the Rappad cypher.
Peace and love friends.

So what is it that decides, how we act
Are we tied, with puppet strings to our past
Do we ride, on beams of light so fast
That any movements might upset and crash?
The, spaceships we pilot, in the night’s quiet
Air, I’ve seen dreams, in ultraviolet
Machines made of light, otherworldly delights
Sleep sets the scene, so tuck me in tight
there’s one, thing I’d like, it’s to run away with you
Escape this maze of life, that’s shaded blue
I came into, your love by accident
I was wading through, chemical sacraments
Open up your heart
I was, here from the start
You blew me away, out of my static self
Realigned my mind’s atoms, when I needed help
Out of my shell, can’t describe how It felt
Like and age old ice shelf, starting to melt
Now I’ve ,dipped into your purple ocean
Found bliss in an amethyst kiss and pure devotion
I’m walking through the mist, of this rainy day
I’ll do what I can, to make the feeling stay
I can’t say, how long, or talk about duration
I’m not complacent, I just want to see your face and
Be with you, and help your spirit grow
From the summer rains, to the sleet and snow
Every day’s a blessing, a revelation
Every Moment’s a choice, between wakeness and sedation
Everything’s impermanent, it’s all a vibration
Without hesitation, Love is my salvation
Stay upon my shore
I’ll shelter you from the storm

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