Check 'Em Out (Prod. DJ MASTA Z)

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Check 'em out filled with doubt
Glasses on my face, Clout
This is what I'm about
Call me dragonborn, shout
Track so fire it caused drought
Mixtape fire without a doubt
Caught you lacking, dumbfound
Coming from the underground
//Verse 1
I'm an underground, unsigned gunner
Bitches in my bed, I fucked yours in the damn summer
Drop an EP, everyone now wants my number
Say I don't got time for a fake motherfucker
Fakes and halfway hoes hit the road
D E D in his full chill mode
Strip her down, deep throat, then I unload
I'm in the middle of an episode
Seven in my heart, so I'm stayin' gold
Anymore I just feel so cold, and I'm just so old
Open old wounds, leave the bones exposed
Feel like an empty ghost, soul overdosed
When I try to breathe all I do is fucking choke
Like I just tried to smoke for the first time
Up all night like I'm working overtime
Fight a pussy, he sees the punchline
When my fist hits his fucking jaw line
//Verse 2
I crush a verse till it hurts
I play with words like a fucking game
I play with words and got people speaking on my name
People mad cause they ain't getting the fame
they mad cause they lack the life I'm about to reclaim
The past is like a picture frame
I look back and I realize that nothing's the same
I don't need a girl to help life get on track
I just need myself to be getting on the track
They all just be stressing me and that's just a fact
That passed on, I'm in heaven, I found peace at last
And people driving around got my music playin', with the aux on blast
And they talking bout Bad bitch, weed, and the Purple drank
Till the day getting I'm forced to walk the plank

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