I'm Sorry II (Prod. Tobiaas)

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Around me you can be yourself, Without getting dirt on
I'd just wanna talk, Fuck getting twerked on
Thats an upside but I want to work on
What we once had, I praise you like church songs
Stop that naughtiness, And keep your fucking shirt on
I ain't here to only fuck, I wanna see your thoughts drawn
Your mind is magnificent, Like a prospect with a instrument
Your heart I'll defend it, Like its an infant by a kin fit
A toy broke, Pulled Pendant, This is no Joke, No pimping
I sin with, A mistress, Broke walls let me try to fix this
That tied rope could end it, But I note, Time spended
And what I wrote, Couldn't end it, Because my folks, and your grinning
It was long ago, Seems like a flashback broke, And I can' stand this
My Microphone, Could be a Mic with hope, Connecting Ms.
I write and spit a, Swear and get, Real intense ready to plight N shit
Deep level cuts in my heart, I'm trying to fight this shit
I'm on you dog, Like a microchip, Lets try to hit a lick
And keep the rich, brilliant chemistry, that we use to Live
You have your problems, Yeah I know this
I have my problems, Yeah I show this
But I can't even focus, thats why I'm all emotion
Cause my baby gone, And I am truly hoping
That I can get this shit rolling
This halt has You amputated, Because you can't even reach out
Man I hate it, Our trees sprout, but another day I waitied
I never lost the thought of you, Even when I was awakended
Even when I drank myself out, And I was drunker than Vegas
I can see the respect lacked now, So far from expectations
I have now, I'd treat you like a queen, And give you all the awaited
Love you needed, Not the club and drinking, I needed love and reason
Must we reason at this offer of love, Maybe we can still keep it
You were not fairly treated, Your a god to me, I bow to your feet then
Appreciate you completely, And I recognize your a heart beating
In my heart, Is this the meaning?, Of Love, Hope its leaning
Towards an everlasting love, I hope we can lead it
I know I've lied to you so many times, I know I fucked up so bad
I just wanna reignite this, You Know, And get this back on track
I know its a lot to say, and a lot to ask
But ya know, Constant..
Its crazy, Every time I think about you
My hands start shaking
And I leave my body waiting
I can't move on, The course is to long
To erase what we worked on
Are dreams and connection so strong
But I really fucked you over
And I know my mistakes grow colder
I'll stay Iced up, Til the day I grow over
My flaws and show you my broke shoulders
Because I couldn't carry my own Boulders
They dropped and broke borders
With the ones that were suppose to be my soldiers
Code by law, My family burnt all connected folders
Saying I'm indecisive and a Hot head
I tick, Every time I see where I've been led
Imma mess, a pest, That needs his meds
To communicate with his friends
I tried to walk through this problem for you
But It caught me by my shoe, And I started tripping
Saying I wasn't ready for it, Because the length of distance
But my heart wanted you to be my mistress
Thats why I'm pissed, I couldn't stop it, So I became the Victim
It dragged me through dirt, While I received the dissing
For being distant and being a childish Infant
While you wanted me to do better, But I didn't listen
I didn't wanna swallow that pill, They were giving
I know I'm a mad act, But I grabbed that, And finished
I've grown up a lot since, And I know my worth
My problem was Depression, And I'm not depressed no more
I feel alive and I feel like I can fight some more
I'm insisting that I am the guy thats in my right form

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