Not Human ft Clyde Cabbage

• Written by  • Featuring ClydeCyrus

(Verse 1)
You can call me a monster cause i'm feeding on these beats
Or an alien i don't get close enough to fall for deceits
So you could say i'm too fly to swallow the bullshit
They are over here racing trying make it to the pulpit
Doesn't make no sense believing is at you're expense
Omg you are so dense
On the money chase trying to make it
You will be lost if you don't follow the footprint
Focus i'm just focused
I don't notice all this the commotion
My devotions too big stay in motion
Like a ocean
And if i lose it
I will still win the beef pick you out with a toothpick
Oh damn
Teacher said id die tell that bitch i'm still alive
Stack that money high yeah you know that i'm gonna strive
Trying to take the flow and get lost in the tide
I can't trust nobody
I'ts why i annihilate em
Menace to society and the same thing to myself
Cause i am not human
i am not human
I am not human
I swear i am not human
Swear i'm gonna prove it
(Verse 2 Clyde)
How does it feel to be a homosapien?
Me, I wouldnt know, I'm something more of an alien
I can't relate to them lames so shameless for fame that they'll use your namewith an underscore in the alias
I been saving some money for a vacation trip
And I all I need is a couple hundred more for the plane ticket
If love is war, then this relationship has sunk of course
So whats the point of fighting when aint nobody winning
Aint no opposition thats able to take the top position..
Away from my possession unless I'm inside of Heaven
And it's not a question, I was destined with the bars
Call me Nastradamus, cause it was written in the stars
Alienated far from those not up to par
No golf balls, I'm driven, like cop cars
Envision this mission illuminated by our spirits in the dark
So we never had any issues showing you who we are

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