PHEROE 2k18 (prod. By kid ocean)

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Sevio bitch an you know I’m the best of em
No competition so fuck all the rest of of em
Yo favorite rapper I don’t even mention em
Bars on usain ain’t no way you be catching em
I’m steady Runnin this shit
Yo girl I’m my DMs you call her a bitch
An I call her a woman now she on the tip
An now she on my hip an I know you be pissed aye
Don’t even matter I sent her away
She Like baby come back but I don’t wanna stay
She a kid in her mind an I don’t wanna play
An yo plug he be taxin I don’t wanna pay look
Breakin you off like a kit kat
Get back
An my homie gun gotta kick back
You don’t wanna feel that
Boutta being the real back
You don’t wanna test a veteran you getta peel back uh
Bitch an can’t nobody top me
I heard that to girl really blow Nagasaki
We up in the cut an we chopped like karate
Yo dude gotta problem get fold origami
Bitch in the greatest that you ever seen
Only thing I ever smoked was the green
Nowadays rappers love perkys an lean
So yo favorite rapper is probly a fiend
Sevio Killin no fuckin with me
An I’m hot on the scene keep a hunnid degree
An I never OD only fuckin with weed an I’m goat with the lyrics I stay at a peak
Sevio Killin just wait till I’m tourin
An shout out to CJ he pushin that foreign
Best in the city go cop you a sweater
I’m god with the bars an I’m cold as the weather
Speakin of foreign that party was jumpin
A hunnid percent I don’t remember nothin
I’m up in the cut an I’m cookin up somethin
I’m solid with homies I never be frontin
You body these bitches
That’s what they tell em
Know I’m the man an I’m smooth like Nutella
Ask me about it you know I got hella
I’m Killin this shit till I’m up at coachella
Bitch I’m the man an you already knew
Oh you better than me you must got me confused
Everything on the line I got nothin to lose
An yo girl on my line I got somethin to chose
No I don’t want her she just here to sight see
If baby stop playin I got me a wifey
I’m different from y’all it ain’t nobody like me
I’m spiritual with it rock timbos an Nike
Styin so different you check on my steezy
I’m up in the party I know that you see me
Don’t step on my yeezy
I might gotta spazz
No never mind I just did on the track
Critics an haters don’t know how to act
I’m cold with the flow I’m the best that’s a fact
Imma keep Killin em till I’m in millions
If you ain’t with it then you better pack

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