Free Cheko

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I feel I’m lost inside my mind that’s a sum up
Hopin that my homie see the light like the sun up
Darkness all around kind a world to raise a sun up
A City dirty money only way to make a come up
Cuff around my homie now he locked up in a cell
Never see that dirty money only way to make a sale it’s
Anger comin I can feel burnin like a backwoods
Screaming free cheko till is spelling backwards
Loyal to my brothers never comin as a fake
When I’m down I see y’all bitches is a garden full of snakes uh
Malcolm with the bars ain’t nobody can debate uh
Who a better rapper in the fort you can’t name one
Lay low
They be cheap with talkin like a pay phone
Phony stuntin bitch we know you frontin sayin Draco
Keepin it one hunnid see i write about the real shit
Rappers tryna peep they makin visits like a field trip uh
Free my brother cheko out the box quick
Circle full of homies ain’t no tellin where the op sit
Keep it to the code we ain’t fuckin with that op shit
Come into my circle an you see we be the opposite
Too dope gotta run the fort that's a must wait
Body bag verse after verse that's a murda case
Too dope gotta run the fort that's a must wait
Body bag killin after killin just another day
Another 187 ain't no tellin when I'm comin with a bang
Ain't none the same I run the game dope like cocaine run trough my vein the blood of king
Can't nobody fuck with me
I stay on top like MVP
These mud ass rappers none to me
Killin competition in submission under me
keep in vision sittin throne I got the crown now notice me
The mighty God of yo city
Never lack I run the track
260 on back my name you hop on sack an copy that
Now run me back
I'm killin shit
Learn yo position stay off dick
I'm on top of this You bitches counterfeits
I be yo opposite
I'm Down to hit up any lil rapper throwin shots an shit
I'm Boxin bitch the champion hits I run the fuckin town an shit it's Too dope

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