Racism: *Solved*

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I hate to do this, but I gotta call out a whole race
Black people are keeping whites stuck in their old ways
Hear me out, I thought this through the whole way
And it's been a heavy burden that's been on my soul's weight
I thought about why blacks have a negative image
Less intelligent, aggressive, just let me finish
I realized color wasn't the root cause of condemning
And it hit me, from here, you'll be with me or against me
Consider this, imagine these aliens, two colors
And we'll say, BLUE and GREEN, and they live amongst each other
A huge segment of the BLUE aliens are fans of a craft
where others rhyme about violence and celebrate it
Pants sag in the back, subculture was created
They're hostile and aggressive, then wonder why they're hated
To the GREEN ones, all these BLUES look menacing
They can't tell the difference between them and a normal citizen
The GREENS didn't wake up and decide to hate the BLUES
Perception was built by all the crimes that make the news
They don't hate different colors arbitrarily
No hate for red or yellow ones, so apparently
it's not color, but personality traits, inherently
dominant in BLUES, it's true, it isn't heresy
Can't fix what's broken till we acknowledge it
Don't support violent culture, admonish it
Can't blame 'em for not accepting with open arms
People that's angry, aggressive, probably toting arms
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping harm
Would come to all ghetto thugs, bunch of little bugs
If not for the thugs, and the ghetto rappers
We might actually be moving the opposite of backwards
Now let me tell you something about racism
Then you'll see that I'm not just someone with hate in him
When I mention terrorism, what group you think of
Japanese or Middle East, your brain can link up
past events and compare it to what's now happening
And predict a probable future cause it's been mapping it
Stereotypes don't just happen by accident
If we didn't know what criminals looked like, how would we know
to walk our kids in the opposite way the vandals went
Without a knowledge base, everything would feel random then
Knowledge is built from experience and repetition
It's not a stereotype, it's your brain's recognition
It sees something, compares what it knows about it
We know what criminals looks like, let's make no bones about it
There's a difference between stereotype and superstition
The former applies past facts to everything
that looks the same. The latter is about black cats and ladders
I'm on a ruthless mission to smack rap and the crooks to blame
For the image of blacks, stop and think a minute
Forget political correctness, and stop being offended
Think of why stereotypes exist in the first place
Then we can own the issue, and fix this cursed race
Prejudice isn't random, for the most part, Chinese and Indians
aren't seen as dumb, they're seen as both smart
Just like the stereotype about math and Asians
There's a reason for that, and it's not your imagination
Throughout your life, you've seen plenty of examples
of traits more in one group than would be in a random sample
For example, if three out of ten pitbulls bit you
Apologies to the seven, I have nothing against you
Just looking I can't tell which group you fit into
We don't see people impartially, we just pretend to
Without a form of bias we wouldn't even be alive
The cavemen would've died, we evolved to do or die
Bottom line, urban means thug till proven otherwise
Police are shooting thugs, none of the other brothers died
Most folks aren't randomly racist out of nowhere
Even blacks move from the hood, avoid having to go there
And on the street, if you see two urban black dudes
Don't lie, you evaluate whether they could attack you
Our society says, "you're not allowed to hate this"
Criticize blacks and you'll get labeled a racist
But it's not racist to hate ignorance and foolishness
Again, not the color, of course good blacks do exist
The good ones are unfairly linked by color with the bad
After years of fighting Injustice, I hit The Lab
I finally solved the puzzle, in no uncertain terms
The urban look goes with crime like dirt and worms
Yeah those are hurting words but I gotta be aggressive
I gotta dig up the truth that everyone's repressing
Been screaming for years about getting equal treatment
No one ever examined why we failed to achieve it
Calling out whites as if it was without a doubt
But the phone calls been coming from inside the house
Been blaming whites for supposedly being racist
The problem is thugs, how many times I gotta say this
Of course there's racist hate groups and extremists
I'm talking about everyday people like Joe and Sue
I guarantee they'll agree if you show them what I'm showing you
None of this is theory, I lived it I seen it
Saw it, I'm not saying it to be mean, I'm saying it cause I mean it
I gotta solve it, no one else is speaking
Eventually everything I said will become proverbs
in hindsight, I connect lines like crosswords
Thugs and rappers are poisoning the black image
So I'm bashing hood culture and everyone that's in it
Rap's finished, no more defending them
Other than NF, Dan Bull, and Eminem
Remember the picture test? Now picture this
What society is expecting of us ridiculous
Asking soccer moms to accept black vermin
Thugs that is, offended when she acts nervous
From her eyes, everyone's a thug who's hip hop slash urban
Like we judge guys who have turbans
She's not racist, go back to my earlier statements
What do thugs look like? Then look who she's facing
So instead of debating, let's clearly state the facts
It's the ghetto scum that makes people hate the blacks
And the innocent victims are the young black men
Who aren't thugs, but has an image that they're trapped in
And every culture has their own clothes they like to wear
If you're black and dress urban, there's a price to bear
To an outsider, you'll look like a real thug
That's the black experience, innocent and still judged
I'm on a warpath to restore back respect to blacks
You can help me, or keep defending the infected rats
I'm fuming, if you don't see the truth in what I'm doing
You're part of the problem, in denial, or just stupid
For those that are with me, I do have a solution
I'll explain in my next song exactly how we'll do this
//The sequel will come once I manage 10 subscribers to my Youtube

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