The Infamous Ill (Prod. LeftField)

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//LeftField Production
//The Infamous Ill’s back with the infinite skill rap
//Aight whatever
Tip’s ice so you know the fucker’s frosty
Hah — Atheist alright so don’t you try to cross me
You think I’m skipping beef with all you sheep but I’m just watching
Step on my toe then I’m involved dictate the flow like collie
Don’t invade the borderline you will get mortified to poppy
I’m macrophage so name your state you’re still a foreign body
I’ll eat you up that’s what’s up or I’ll slit your slimy throats
Jello tryna act hard writing bars — and these just the liner notes
Oops — you’re tryna step in my shoes
Except you’re finding them loose
Run in circles tryna catch up to me but just accept you’re a goose
Call me mace whether spray or ball and chain your face
Is what I’m aiming for it would look better off this way for sure
I kill like Shaquille call it art of the steal
Paint a picture with a bullet my neck might get some chills
Lobby as the necromancer cause when I appear
Body moves like a dancer on its own like automobiles
I’m a 4D being in 3D space
Means I’ll appear at your door just to shoot your face
I’m moving weight, lips distort when I rotate face
Cause I’m on a one way ticket to catch a case
You’re reppin ribbits, I’m reppin physics
Means I got the big brain dick and the digits
Means from from my angle you look like fucking midgets
So get the fuck out my face or you’ll be more numbers on my wrist like a fitbit
I talked to your brother and told him that he can ride this
I talked to your mother and now she’s another side bitch
So step aside or I’ll stick my dick in you like knives
Into hot pies and find that your cherry’s redder than stop signs
Tread lightly cause I got more power combined
Than a black man on a doberman on a landmine
I’m a mix of Prince Atticus Finch and David Lynch
So if you step to me today’s the day you haven’t been seen since
Not afraid of a style switch
I’ll be underground bitch you’ll be under the ground bitch
Take me to court and I’ll take you to ground bitch
Well fought but you’ll be knocked out fore the end of the round bitch
So you wanna talk motherfucker
Show me your mettle or here’s the wooden door motherfucker
I’m winning fights battles and wars motherfucker
Give me your lane or I’ll take it choice is yours motherfucker

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