Slacks - MANGO

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I've wrestled with all of it; God, the apocalypse
Lost loves and dropped doves, trust I got a lot to give
From trifling homies tried to tell me they know me
To wifey rezoning right before matrimony
Almighty ignores me, because he cannot grow for me
Absolving all my sins, but I'm always so horny
Plenty of steam comes from little water
So why are we dying out here like cannon fodder?
Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters
Different issues, all with the same causer
Men and women so ready to skyfall
Red linen wrapped tight around their eyeballs
Millenials saw it on their dope little iPods
Phones so dope they might require eyedrops
Bright screens invading my dreams the light seems
So distant, and I seem so distant
But I'm more resistant
Than you could imagine
So close to Earth, I cain't remember Saturn
And that's how I go now
How I go now (Now)
(They're closing the sidewalk, mane)
Fruit so divine that it moves the world of time
Juice, ripe juice, cut and pressed straight from the vine
None but the best can taste what I can call mine
Never getting rest, because I'm filled up with that shine
My dudes really stressed, they trynna make way online
Truth is, they baby-flex on Insta and Vine
But focus on somebody ain't a blessing to the mind
But we never mind
(So just)
Go, mane, go
And that's how we go now
How we go now (Now)
Let it

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