Blowin' Up (feat. Rone)

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Hyde's Notes

Featuring Rone; produced, mixed, and mastered by The Lokkz Music.

//Verse 1
What’s another name for a lit fuse? That’s me,
Blowin’ up, that shit’s due -- last week,
All the hate that I sift through, gasoline,
Another can for me,
I mean I can’t believe,
That y’all already got my name in your mouth,
Saved me a step, proclaimin’ it loud,
‘bout to be swimmin’ in the deep end, y’all wadin’ around,
Just waitin’ around.
Ask the homies ‘bout it, they say take the throne,
So I’m goin’ at it, like my name’s Ferrone,
Don’t know my name? Just wait a moment,
‘Cause I’m on the come up, they say that I’m chosen,
Guess it just looks like I must be possessed,
Track after track after track never rest,
Man, y’all told me to work, like, what’d you expect?
Now I been goin’ hard, time y’all show some respect.
Nah, I ain’t askin’ for nothin’ I ain’t earned,
But I ain’t goin’ nowhere ‘till you write the words,
I’m not just hype, I worked, put in the type of work,
That turns to hype when you ignite the dynamite,
I’m unexpected,
White kid from the whitest state,
Quiet, kinda private, tryin’ to find his way,
Now I been writin’ these rhymes for a long time,
Say I don’t belong? Like I’m the wrong guy?
Well that’s a strong lie, but I’m used to it.
Got the antidote, that’s that truth music.
I worked too hard just to walk away,
And I’m too damn good for me not to stay,
So, just watch the stage where I’m droppin’ flames,
I’ll be blowin’ up like a tossed grenade.
If you want me to be honest, I’m sick and tired of bein’ modest,
I know I’ll blow, but you’re skeptical, well I’m out here just like I promised.
Yeah, we blowin’ up, (yeah, we blowin’ up)
Yeah, we goin’ up, (yeah, we goin’ up)
Yeah, we rollin’ up, and you know what’s up,
‘Cause we blowin’ up, (man we blowin’ up).
Y’all rap about where you started, I’m spittin ‘bout where I’m gonna be,
Y’all talk a lot about makin’ moves, well I paid my dues, now you gonna see,
We blowin’ up, (yeah, we blowin’ up)
Yeah, we goin’ up, (yeah, we goin’ up)
Yeah, we rollin’ up, and you know what’s up,
‘Cause we blowin’ up, (man we blowin’ up).
You know I had to get somebody else on this track,
Someone who knows what it’s like to be underrated,
And what it’s like to blow expectations away.
So it’s my pleasure to introduce,
The one, the only, the king, Rone.
//Verse 2 (Rone)
Boy I been spittin this mucous,
I am their father like Lukas,
You’ve never been on a tour bus,
Your money as short as your school bus,
My money as long as a mobile home,
With the extended trailer that goes and goes,
I rope-a-dope, and then I go for broke,
The name’s Roney-Rone, they want the Toblerone,
That’s Adam Ferrone, Ferrero Rocher,
I promise that I don’t have the same old taste,
You know I get it seasoned, do it in my own way,
In thyme I’ll be cumin all up in your in your old bay,
That’s cookin’.
Oooeee! I’m cookin’.
My shit’s hot as central bookin’,
My shit’s higher than central Brooklyn,
The prince of crown heights, where you might get tooken
To the wild spot, that vile spot,
On the sly fox, and you mild sauce,
Three alarm, don’t be alarmed, you get crossed right out of your high tops.
That Dennis Smith, I’m chuckin’ passes
On a dime, I’m not lookin’ at it,
You think you hard ‘cause you took some acid?
I took a sheet, I took a book of acid.
Yeah, I read the “Tropic of Cancer.”
Yeah, I couldn’t finish a chapter.
Yeah, I need to get me some answers.
Yeah, I watched “The Sixth Sense” backwards.
Yeah, I turn a . . . to a Casper, but there I go talking that ghost shit.
You try to say I’m not blowin’ up, well then home boy you don’t really know shit.
White kid from the whitest state,
Quiet, kinda private, tryin’ to find his way.
You’re gonna know his name,
Yeah, you’re gonna know my name.
//Verse 3
Some days I think I’ll never make it,
Some days I’m feelin’ hella vacant,
Some days I feel like I’m fakin’,
Like I’m gonna wake up one day and still be fadin’ away in this basement.
Damn, quarter of a century in
And they ain’t lettin’ me in,
Settin’ me up,
But never ever lettin’ me win,
Guess they never thought I’d ever reset and begin again,
I ain’t askin’ anymore,
You ain’t openin’? I’m crashin’ through the door,
Thought that I was passionate before?
Man you ain’t seen the half of it,
After this, you’ll be ravenous just to see more,
Imma make it so y’all have t’ admit,
Even get the haters noddin’, like “yeah, that’s accurate,”
“Kinda sounds like the bastard’s a master, shit,”
“I guess that’s it.”
But no. Oh, no.
I am just beginning, got a long way to go,
Only the ignition, got a lot to explore,
If you ain’t see me comin’, keep a watch on the door,
I’ll only break it down one time,
Seem to be a million rappers, only found one Hyde,
Kinda got that small town vibe,
With the sprawled out mind,
In these scrawled out lines,
That he hauls out!
Nobody’s quite like a genius, nobody’s quite like me,
Look in the mirror and what do I see,
But a brilliant mind tryin’ to get free?
Maybe I’m the only one who can see it, maybe no one else can believe,
But one thing’s for sure, man, I’m blowin’ up,
Don’t believe that? Watch and see.

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