Warnings (hit em up remix)

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Shots in the booth you ain't no that I be bullet proof
David banner eat the shots so what the fuck ya bullets do
Bars I'm immortal gave you bars in the mask Off
Trash talk
Have you diggin graves think this cat soft
Past y'all you don't wanna fuck with the pain
Can't nobody take me down like I'm Lynch and the saints
16 in the clip an the pen be the weapon
187 on the beat you better watch where you steppin
Take a lesson homie ain't nobody in it contestin on me
Testin on me imma have to leave ya shot stressin homie
Better know me as K I N G
stick my hand in ya clout leave that shot empty
I don't say that I'm the best cuz of views
I'm the best because I get respect for heads an em too
I'm the best because I'm all around a ten in the booth
All respect but if you threat again I'm checking you too
I'm the GOAT with it in the city none y'all can cope with it
Junkies flockin by the herd you know cuz I'm dope with it
Pharoah with this shit let you fuck with me once
Ain't nobody feelings hurt just a little response
I hit em up
They say I'm cocky with it well I gotta be
Cuz to many wanna be rappers think they on top of me
I'm the king with it me and the beat got chemistry
Like snider and them STDs I'm comin clean with it
Rhyme the tech keep the beam with
If I gotta aim then I'm takin yo whole team with it
Just 16 and my 16s hittin at a maximum
Stingy with the mic I'm never passin em
Pass it up to a real MC
Leave em envy with rhymes I speak
Got the juice high C
Chasin the dinero
Fuckin with a pharaoh
Leave no space in my lane very narrow
Top dog Keep it comin hard
Comin ill like I'm SARS
I ain't playin with bars uh
Spittin all this heat it might leave me with a scarred tongue
Fuck a wait want it now
Comin through pardon me
I'm Bustin out the MP3
Writin hits in the pad that's a MPC
Rep the 26 bars on too sick
Bring the real back Like im DNA testin uh

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