"Shine"-Hooly & Big Flac

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(Hooly's Verse)
They see my shine,
And wanna take mine,
Put my soul into this music,
I'm the bass line,
Trying to put me in a box,
No face time,
Fuck with mine,
I zip em up/ we let that "K" shine,
Trained dogs/ K-9,
Drunken Hooly's on that moonshine,
I'm so Einstein,
Let a nigga try to move mine,
Get it two times/gripping huge nines,
Telekinesis I continue/space time,
I return out that urn no concern,
Cause I knew one day,
That'll be our turn,
Niggas couldn't understand,
But we all learned,
A-1 hands up,
Like we all burn,
Take that tre,
Who wanna get served?,
Try to spare those niggas,
No d'oeuvres',
Try & stop my shine,
You got some nerve,
Take what's mine,
Will get you earthed,
Get you surfed/ get you merked,
Plan "B" your birth,
One day they'll say wer'e elevated,
Stay motivated dedicated,
This is greatness illuminated,
Keep mugging,
We embrace the hatred,
Shoot your face,
Mutiny will leave it mutilated,
Get acquainted, (Chorus)
(Flac's Verse)
I've been ballin/ since '06,
Flipping that work nigga,
No tricks,
Long money/ long trips,
So much paper that the hood,
Should have a Forbes list,
It makes sense, (makes cents)
I got one bitch,
Four dimes add a nickel,
That's a four fifth,
Hold the mic the same way,
With a firm wrist,
Taking shots at you rappers,
Like I can't miss,
Niggas talking loud,
I resort to violence,
My guns are loud too,
But I keep them silenced.
Ask these punchlines,
I'm a heavy hitter,
Your too weak to raise the bar,
I'm a heavy spitter,
Cold thoughts,
Giving niggas shivers,
Flac's deep inside the game,
You dudes are just slivers,
No Phoenix,
I'm sonning niggas, (sunning)
Like your playing on my team,
Nigga Doc Rivers! (Chorus)

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