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Here is the music video to my track "The Next Hit"
Hope you guys dig it, I thought it was pretty fuckin funny
and that it added a lot of character to the song!
Unfortunately I couldn't edit the version I already posted on here
because rappad does not allow editing on raps that
are older than three months. So, Here it is!
Peace and thanks for the support
(Verse 1) I'm getting in the groove in between the tracks.
bustin' rhymes on the interlude. skinny dippin in the nude
Dippin my toes in the water while I lounge on the innertube
Floatin' down the lazy river, deliver,
the liquer to the liver, The Milf called the baby sitter
Catch crazy splinters if you jump on the wood
I brought the tweezers though so it's all good
We takin over like freeza or Julius Ceaser
If rap was Viagra, I'd be the Old Geezer
Bustin hard rhymes on the mic (Ughhh!)
and Imma do it all night
If you racist like Grandfather Clause
I'll dress ya old ass up in ya grandfather's draws
as I wait for the crowd's applause
Word to congress, it take me 5 years just to pass a law
but that's another chronicle
I put rhymes together like lego bionicles
straight nauticle, 50 leauges below the sea
I get deeper than a sub marine
Pullin out a periscope
checkin the starts with a telescope
so I can read your horriscope
rotate the gyroscope
Then I switch to the stethoscope
The heart beat sounds dope
(Chorus) I sample for my next hit
Take the mic into the bathroom and record my next shit
it's going double platinum
So when I drop the load you gotta go buy the album
And play your friends the next hit
Take the mic into the bathroom and record your next shit
It's going double platinum
So when you drop the load Imma go buy the album
(Verse 2) I spread rhymes like Strawberry Jam
Mcs are talkin out they throats like the Marlboro Man
With exotic voice boxes...Like Peter Frampton
Yo! Meet me at the Hampton
Because I'm sweeter than glucose, sucrose, sucralose
Rhymes high fructose, sugar in a stupid dose
Grandios, leavin diabetes diagnosed,
So If you bite my rhymes I'm saying Adios
Shoulda done ya cardio, and ya pushups.
Step to me, your bound to get mushed up
Crunched up, Your panties got bunched up
ya button up got frumpled, you bout be crumpled
and wrinkled up. I sprinkle funk
Drop rhymes like balloons, MCs play keep it up
Your sphincter stunk the crinkle cuts
The FDA don't approve of the way we beef it up
(Outtro) take it to the Next Shit. The next shit man
The Next Shit! Take it to the The Next Shit man!
The Next shit, I'm on the Next Shit Man
Give me the Microphone and i'mma bust the jam (Repeat 2x)

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