Slacks - LA [Prod. h a n s o v e]

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Live from the capital of la-la land
Mind off the adderall and ganja, fam
With the hairs like the back of an orangutan
I'm dangerous man
Shit, the flow feels weak like seven days
Shit, I'm gonna tweak it up like meth on seven trays
Heavens gates is your mind, don't blemish it with lies
Dry your eyes, then cop some Rohto's
Cop a GoPhone, and join the rat-race
Your bad taste can't finish lines without the blow, doe
Join the club, throw up a dub, become a regular Joe Shmo
Then pour up about four and get twisted some more
Me and the homies, know me, it's Slacks, ya jabroni
Spittin' the chill facts just for fun and h a n s o v e
Am I saying it, right?
(Aw) He don't give a fuck man, he's way too bright
Yahweh the light, all day and night
You pray for like- a minute
I pray for life, I admit it
My blood a mystery, Israelite like Kendrick
Or it might be different, like Syrian isn't it?
I injure, when I'm starting up on my engine
Soon my benji's, could make you fold like eight times
Reality, I bend it, or I end it
Message, I send it
She wet then I dive, yo, I deep-end it
Now she dependent
Chemical weapon once I rear-end it
Dense infection, don't you try and mend it
No fear, my dear, I just lend it
Gemini duality, I offend and defend it
(Heh) Can't prosecute this defendant
(He's all intensive)

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