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its come down to this, fightin all the counterfeits
and by the sound of it, you can tell how loud it gets
im such a rowdy kid, silence doesnt hardly fit
ill get your ace with my joker, kickin it wit harley quinn
and y'all could hardly win, faded after the spar begins
get raided, while im invaded by all of your fragile twins
im calm and collected on the surface, curse this.
inside im collected with the shrapnel. wanna burst this?!
Sounds like my tools are more than drums and the instruments
You should know that me and adrenaline are synonyms
i dont give a crap dawg, you can go and send your men
you been stupid, ive been troopin like a veteran
im lookin Jealousy dead in the window of the soul
Anxiety is fidgetin; Sadness riveted to Bored
Conniving is super sided with whoever wants control
and so there I go, like a Kendrick i just enter flows
You ain't spittin nothin,with whatevers in your brain
You choke as if your saliva was made of Novacaine
im focused meyng, you shoulda known I was insane
aztec brain mixed with spain, drain what you thought was flame
its weird but kinda crazy wit the love i got for the grind
fear's tryina chase me, but i'm gon' leave him behind
im mad crazy intensified by like seven times
the feelin is memorized and it tastes as clementines
every moment is centralized like an enterprise
only difference, my guys; is that this wont be televised
so seek with mental eyes what i infer and analyze
and tell what's described through sounds in this little sample size
I'm shootin words like pharaohs slingin wooden arrows
With a voice length more narrow than alleyways in ghettos
You cant get the fax if you couldn't get the memo
In the street i'll ride the beat like im all up in the Metro

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