100 Bars

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// Intro
// Verse
one hundred bars coming at you, raw as fuck
I keep running faster, like I'm forest gump
once it start bumping, that's when all y'all jump
so let me bust shit, and then y'all erupt
I design this art with my hands and wit
rhyming bars, I'm a star, so I can't plan it // (Planet)
grinding hard, climbing far, no man can spit
like me, my lines are smart, grand, and lit
I'm spitting raw and sheer bars, I be sharp and clear
Rapping with all but fear when I speak, causing cheer
making every call-in-here, cause I c-all-in-here
Giving y'all some tears, then cheers when each peak appears
you need "me" to make "money", or it's just "on-y"
it ain't funny no more once I bust some lines
Like cocaine junkies, cause I stunt in rhymes
n the main trait in me is to stun your mind
I can smell the fear on you, cause I scent fear
I stay dwellin' here like a ghost, I've spent near
3 months dealt n geared so my best year's
this year, no L's n tears, just rhymes n cheers
I'm no slacker, this new me
is me with more swagger, your bitch views me
first, you after, I have her switched to me
you don't matter no more, but you wish to be
Don't judge me cause my age, I'm seventeen
but smart n can bust rhymes greater than many
I'm the "I" in "Simile" without me, you smile
cause I'm hell and will be hated, cause I'm wild
can't chill once my tracks come on over silence
and all my rhymes stand up, and show the finest
I'm fly as fuck, all my shows are pilots
every eye that's touched this, broke an iris
I can't stop, oh man, I can't stop
I'll rhyme and jot raps, 'til I am shot
these lines can not be more kind than not
once my pants drop, you know I am not
the same, my hand swats air as I stand locked
my mind plans hot bars to spit in the rhyme
it's been four years, and I'm still driven to grind
ambition is why I'm still livin' to rhyme
and 'til I'm on top sittin', I understand
that you're not given shit, other than
desire, stop wishin' wit wonder and
grind like non-stop friction, but comfort can
leave like we're breakin' up, and I'm feelin' no hope
like I'm wastin' my time, n dealin' no dope
tracks, facin' doubt, then concealin' those quotes
and start makin' a rhyme to heal n show hope
I'm a genius, like I'm Socrates
I'm seamless, no weakness, like God is me
hot as Pheonix, grievous bars rock the beat
gripping my penis, nasty like I got herpes
I'm never Basic, but I B-a-sic M.C.
no one sees the wit in me, my shit can be
going over heads like trees, but gives plenty
awe, that's why this kid keeps it lit, n be
raw like a dead pig, maul mics like bread bitch
they thaw like a breakfast, gettin' soft to shred quick
I ball like it's destined, drawin' each message
full of awe like a legend, but they awful like debt is
you can't touch me, like I'm livin' in jail
no quittin' or fails, the punch lines I'm spittin' empales
like this is a tale, but it's hittin' like hail
what I've written prevails, those dissin' is frail
Now hol' up, then back to this
I don't lose to no crew, cause my passion is
too huge to do nothing, my girl's ass is thick
so show them glutes girl, you're booty is maximus
you a dime squared, keeping it one hundred
every guy stares at you, once you are comin'
but my mind's rarely distracted from lustin'
I can't waste time fuckin', I'll become nothin'
man, I'm on-a-roll, Like those smart kids
strong the whole song, the goal is go hard, quit
ain't a choice, on my soul Imma blow far, since
the start I've gone in bold just to show are gift
without bass, you'd B-Ass, so try and step
your game up n change if you wanna rhyme the best
but I got the brains, so they say I'm a head
spitting flames like dragons, cause I grind, no rest
I'll give this mic twenty more, then rest, my throat hurts
I'm spittin' like a feign, you can't test my dope words
my vision's right, like my left eye don't work
I'm livin' life, wantin' to get my flow heard
no fucking around, I won't drop the mic, fightin'
everyday I spit more, we're mocked, but spite heightens
ambition, it stores, 'til I am writin'
makin' lines to rip your ear off like Mike Tyson
God damn man, we ain't even over
I'm goin' too hard, my brain be the motor
my heart's the fuel for this n pain speeds the joker
But I make sense like beggars, then change n be slower
I M-a-king, firin' these lines, in other words
I'm making fire in these lines, I been under heard
but now I pen n sing bars so hot Satan suffered burns
I stay inspired n grind like an engine wantin' work
they call me Lomo, that crazy white kid
I'm solo, n so low, up late each night wit
my pen writing so dope, I rape beats, locked in
my hope grows so no hate can make me stop this
// Outro

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