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My head is spinning,
which way's up and which way's down?
In any moment I could explode,
and just roll into my space where I go it alone.
I survive for a minute.
Why do I hide, find it hard to admit it?
Why do some try say it in the faintest?
Say it to our face! Say it to our backs, when the lives are at stake?
when our souls in erosion controlled by 'thought'
of those who think they are chosen.
Sooner or lates, I calibrate.
Counting daisies? Think I'm crazy,
'Just a phase of common race, cross fading days since I was made,
that it goes to say, it's just an element...
Why do some people think I'm intelligent?
Cus I'm selling them:
I only know whats weighs me up,
will weigh me down.
My head is spinning.
Which way is up and which way's down?
My head is spinning, and I'm dumbfound.
Which way's up and which way's down?
Which way is out?
Which way is out??
And every moment that I'm on it,
I own it.
You know it's like some sort of suave drug
where I see the world for what it really was.
Some people sending, blowing kissing.
Everyone's acting, dressing like manikins.
Thinking everything's maniac, I got get back out my world,
where I came from's all in a whirlwind.
So listen up closely, those of you know me...
Most of you know that you lost me...
If you kept me on wrist watch, don't jog up and don't follow so closely...
because I'm explosive!
My head is spinning,
I don't know which way's up or which way is down...
My head is spinning,
I don't know which way's up or down,which way is winning.
I just want to know which way is out.
How do I get out?
My head is spinning,
somebody let me out.

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