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II am not the one to fuck with
All of y'all suckas can duck quick
You be the one that go back out
I be the one that could black out
Pick up a pen writin a verse
That be yo man soundin the worst
You gotta plan need to rehearse
I be the man comin in first
I be the GOAT never been last
I am the king with the pen and the pad
Rappin about what they ain't never had
Line em all up an I get em a casket
Better learn right now I'm not the one that you can act with
Needa mark my words I am the king that's been established
You feelin that ain't fuckin with a river rat
My lyrics dumpin bodies I could show you where the river at
See I can't help but feelin that
I'm turning to a vegan
You agree if you was seein all the Beats that I be eatin
Loaded the clip ready to shoot
I'm releasin all the lead in the booth
Hop on the beat
None to compete
Write out a verse and I kill em repeat
Comin An droppin the hot shit
You know nobody can stop it
Anytime mention a top 10
Sevio come up on top bitch
You are fuckin with the best flow
Northside on down to the ghetto
Killin em off be the damn plan
Sevio rockin with ram man
Ram man go toe to toe
None you niggas even want the smoke
Niggas know I got the coldest flow
Go grab an over coat
Getting that cheese like provolone
Yeah nigga I do the most
I'm bout to overload
I'm bout to lose control
from the throne no I'm never getting over thrown told you niggas that I'm taking home the gold sicker than a nigga with the polio spitting hotter than a skillet on the stove every punchline pack another blow
From the first ring got an on the ropes got a nigga leaning like he poured a four now that nigga leaking laying on the floor ram man with the nigga sevio ram man but a nigga still the goat got em shaking like he caught the holy ghost ill prophet gang run the whole globe
What you niggas even talking about
Why everything you say I doubt
You paqiow and this the final bout
And I'm may weather bout to knock you out
All these rappers gotta son em now
You better know that we don't fuck around
This rap game got it locked down
You riding waves I hope you fucking drown
I tell them niggas aye back back
For I make this shit look like Baghdad
All a nigga want is them fat stacks
Been running shit this your first lap

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