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King of Heartz Feat. ARDY Prod. by Tim Wong
Chorus: X2
Baby you got me addicted
Baby you got me addicted
Baby you got me addicted
To your love
KOH - Verse
Brown eyes pretty young thing
Slim thick with your fit ass
Your love is like the first day of spring
Met you in the city that
Embodies your entire being
You got it right, Queen
You move so slick
You do that...
No one shines brighter than you
Better than you do
Baby I admire when you said that
We can take trips if you with that
I love spending time with you
KOH - Verse 2
It's an adrenaline rush every time Im feelin' your touch
Your body's been calling my name and I can't get enough- of you
You got me feenin'
To the point where it feels like Ive been dreamin'
And you know
I only want to be with you
And you know
You're so irreplaceable
And you know
I stay by your side, until the end of time
They say I need to check in rehab
Cause Im so addicted to you
It feels like I just had a relapse
Cause I OD OD on you
But I want you and I need you
I'll do whatever so I can have your love
ARDY - Verse
I met her at a bar looking proper
Red bottom Louboutin, Burberry bomber
I went up to talk and get the number
Only one problem
She hit me with the decliner
All eyes on me
I had to conquer
Looked around the room
I'm still looking flyer
Than the rest don't test I stay calm, but
Sweet lover I ain't really into drama
I'm a player a gentlemen
I don't do wrong
Time is money baby
Usually I move on
For this girl I went and switched the position
So I went back to her ear
Told her what she be missin'
And she said nothin'
She listened cause she felt my way
See I go one on one
I don't play the player games
I got a think for gems, stones who innovate
But lets be honest
Theres some feelings that we cannot tame
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