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The real is back, the trill is back,
Equivalent, to the want from that ville in fact.
I'm still in fact, the illest Chatt nigga that never made it
but I is (ears), now you knows (nose), you gotta face it
known to beat the track til its dead
a ghetto girl with the flow, man I got them tracks for your head.
thought I was gone but nigga I'm back from the dead, not on no thriller shit
I'm here to put that ax to your head, I'm on that killer shit
I sat and let you have it while I was missing, that filler shit
blind when they ask me to read em cuz I don't feel they shit
now we got family problems, need Dr. Phil for this
they know my scene's a cleaner picture, nigga you wont need a filter
speaking of filters, they often used by the swallowers
so tell ya girl to keep it or she might lose all her followers but
speaking of media, half of you niggas medium
half of your girls be theivin for skeet and niggas that feedin em see
....... now this is why I stay to myself
they ask a nigga how he sleeps, man I just lay on my wealth
and these are usually some things that I was say to myself
my cape on, fly over hoes, cuz I can't save em myself... cuz you know
Pigeons only come around when you fucking feed em.
If we aint fuckin, then its fuck em, I don't fucking need em
Its like I need a reason to decline a niggas feature
this is Flo season, keep it on a peep when I'm....

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