Koto No Watashi (PROD. JBARB)

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I just pulled in the jag I just pulled up in the waith
bitch get the fuck out my face
don't give a fuck bout what you say
running this shit like a race
Lil nigga pick up the pace
them little hoes I don't chase
I'm out here chasing the cake
Ain't no confusion the ram been abusing and bruising the beats
aye nigga just cool it don't make him go stupid
he might fuck around and then knock out your teeth
just look at my figures im cold as a blizzard
one look at my chain and I swear you might freeze
taking the game with the ease 
me and my gang we just roll like a mafucking creed
Nigga I flex like a wrestler one hit from the  special
Leave you on a stretcher lil nigga I might teach you something
just sit yo ass down and now call me professor
you might wanna watch yo new bitch
cause I might just impress her fuck her on a dresser
I'm a living contradiction
like a nigga criping in a red sweater (shit)
Young nigga bossing up
walking and talking tough remember when he wasn't talkative
now he stay killing shit your doom is eminent
leaving your ass in sarcophagus
So sick a nigga just vomited
I want it then imma go cop it then
are you an op or an operative
you on my team or my target bitch

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