FiveSeven - Desolation

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Verse 1
oh shit
welcome to the desolation of my pen and pad
rhymes are never basic and haters i'll make you mad
coming with that 808 enough to make you clap
to this rap, this trap this half assed crap
that I wrote down
i fucking mowed down a whole crowd its cold out
in my room its always so loud
KRK's are shaking my whole house
this fucking 808 bass is bout to make them blow out
so get back you faggot i hope your rachet ass
gets hacked off by a hatchet if you think your back at it
pop the glock on your ass until your backs blasted
come fuck with me if you just about had it
cuz I be spitting on the mic
like yeah bud friggen rights
smoking weed and puffing on the track like dizzy wright
someone save my fucking life, turn it up make it right
I cant get high cuz im afraid of heights
Verse 2
oh no, here we go
this beat reminds me of Detroit's best double "s"
slim shady come to assess i never rest
nevertheless im best severing necks
sick back and chill and let me fuck with your head
im an incompetent asshole
who cant give a fucking complement
look how uncommon it is to be dominant
so build yourself a monument
and sit on it you bitch
best revenge to give is being successful and rich
you dont believe me? ask 2pac and notorious big
they'll pull up in a white Cadillac and empty a clip
you think im playing? wait till they start spraying
bodies hitting the ground your girlfriend starts praying
that one of them hits you she fucking quit you
your nothing to that bitch except a piece of shit on tissue
how was that for savage, im back and im feeling average
im reaking havoc and causing a mess of this nasty habit
lyrically i let you have it
but it depends on how i rap
but it descends i try to grasp it
starting a trend on "how to rap bitch"
your brain I try to snatch it
use it for my life and lavish
bitches my balls are ripe for grabbing, I let em have it
I dont give a fuck I love feeling drastic
fuck with my music if your in love with real rapping
Verse 3
what the fuck?
what just happened?
whats this shit?
man someones fucking with me
or I'm fucking with you
yo on my night shift im an assassin
the only one I want to kill is Kim Kardashian
ill leave her fucking face plastered into laxatives
so that way when she's finally dead she'll shit in her casket yo
imma villain, popping penicillin
never had to sell drugs just to make a living
but I know the struggle sometimes you gotta hustle
its either that or leave a dead fucker in a puddle
cuz we aint no chickens you motherfuckers should listen
doUble U i got your fucking bitch in the kitchen
uh you fucking suck at rapping, you need to quit
you and your team"Wolfpack" your fucking shit
so get on my level we're calling the devil
you fuck with the bass you fuck with the treble
you suckers suck, we're turning to metal
fuck it im a rebel man fuck being subtle
one thing I do know in my life
is that ill probably never settle
cuz I show no remorse
I'll fucking cut off your feet with a sword
and hang you by your mothers umbilical chord
bitch im ruthless fucking with me is foolish
im putrid, my lyrics are always ill
they leave you puking
cuz i dont give a fuck I just have luck
and love to show it
im repping that west side bitch and you fucking know it
your whore gasms every time she hears me flowing
and she knows it im going off
and im feeling fucking golden yo
Verse 4
what the fuck?
who did this shit?
not again!
man whatever
haha fiveseven!
hello my fella this rap shit has made me a lot of chedda
call it mozzarella bitch get it by a heli propeller
and im chilling at coachella
with the one and only homie jenna
then I suffered a dilema
uh dementia kicks in descend ya
to the depths of hell
your roasting till your tender
never should of hit my front fender
I'll turn you into flubber
so that way I can fuck around and bend ya
its bend a bitch im rolling Benjamin's
and sending it to fucking senates then
so i can sentence him to an ascending end
my life im rendering i hope its like how john Lennon's is
so I can make a million dollars and pray to god it never ends
allahu im bombing you
while drinking all the bottled juice
im sicker than frig
now your bitch is all up on my crew
you got a problem dude?
ill just turn you into human stew
man get the fuck out of here this is my booth
yeah, im rocking a bandanna
man o man im going bananas
someone make me a planner
this is ludicrous, i'll make it humorous
bitch ill kick you in the uterus
if you think you have any fucking usefulness
verse 5
woah what the fuck is this shit
haha i like it
lets go
alright look yo
uh this beat is groovetastic
it reminds me of classics
like AZ and Naz or some crazier rap hit
and I find it tragic that rap is in the casket
but I wont stop for nothing nah im just making magic
I put my words together like puzzles
they leave your mind blown, or get you in trouble
fuck the struggle I hate being subtle
so imma kill the game ill just pop it like a bubble

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