Slow It Down

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I been waitin’ for a minute for the right time, I’m done waitin’ now.
You told me you’d be by my side, but it’s vacant now.
If I wanted you to run away with me,
If I wanted you to run away with me,
Would you leave this behind?
Could you leave and be mine?
Don’t lie to me baby. I need to know the truth,
Maybe I’m just crazy, crazy ‘cause of you,
I love the way that you look at me, hate the way that you leave,
I just wanna wake up beside you in the mornin’, see you smilin’ at me,
Oh maybe this is love, or maybe you just stole my soul,
I don’t know, but you need to be real with me,
Do you love me anymore? Do you even care how much you hurt me.
‘Cause everytime you close that door, I wonder if you heard me at all.
//Hook x2
Slow it down, slow it down, slow it down and be honest,
Are you here for me, or here for love, or here just ‘cause you want it.
Slow it down, down, down.
Oh baby just slow it down, down, down.

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