evil within

• Written by  • Featuring LilMezzy and DULL

//(Verse 1 PR3TTYB0YY)
honestly part of me startles me,
constantly causes me darkness.
he targets me, literally determined he,
internally is purposely, inadvertently,
slowly showing me hes controlling me.
provoking the motion of choking the breathing.
hoping to expose me with ghost which own me.
shadows dispose of the old me, this i fear most.
swallowed by my innermost ghosts becoming host.
unopposed invoking sin,
killin generations bring in our extinction.
aggression, discrimination are his motivation to win within.
with in, tensions begin,
death with sin, posses and wins.
violence begins, which brings evidence evil wins
//(verse 2 syna)
Yeah have the evil within
You get out before some bad shit has to begin
Some say I have been trippin'
others say the dope rhymes are what I am spitting
Yeah I am crazy, its my condition
I was just working with the scraps you was given
I was worried one day I would get an addiction
other times I feel like I am going to prison
I tried to be saved by my religion
I guess I am only a mother fucking villain
From that I had to make a decision
Keep my cool or take out my haters with precision
Ok guys now listen
If you hate this shit
None is the amount I give
Yeah you see now that my raps had gone dark
If you wanted to see the light go on Noah's ark
On RapPad I just made my mark
It was all easy not hard
If you went into my mind you would be scarred
cause all of my thoughts would stop your heart
//(Verse 3) dullkid
He said im sour yet im mike and
ike Sweet with some power he said
sike Yikes, he calling some names out Not falling insane,
i made him Fade out (Sleep)
He bugging noise like a hopper Stuck him
once, now hes a popper Hes the storage for my anger call him
my locker Like soccer, i use force purposely,
so i can win Sind, i know,
sorry where do i begin Stolen rims, got 2 kids,
and beating him Got more in store lemme get to kid He got all talk,
squat go to the gym Tell jim,
to get a little slim So bulk this guy barely jump a fence Not the 16th

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