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HomeTownHustle....Contest Entry (Prod by Makaihbeats)
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I got these I got these
I got these visions comin
I got these I got these
I got these comin
I got these I got these
I got these visions
iam like
Stay up on my grind
And mma make it one day
Verse 1 JoeSpo
See I gotta alot of visons
They be takin they toll
On my way to the top
To the big bank roll
Got a million ideas
Do I gotta sell my soul
Just To be like the rest
I don’t really think no
Countin Enie meanie mo
Witch ones gotta go
bad bitches on my level
And little did they know
Ya aint good enough no
To even fuckin roll
See I ride on my own
Cause I stay all alone
Keepin on my grind
In every sense of the word
Trynna elevate my living
While iam vibing with a verse
Lotta phony and them fakers
Tyrnna put you in the hearse
Put a nail in they coffin
Way Iam spittin this verse
Have em all hatin
Way I puttin in work
2 bad ass bitches
Pick who go first
Aint you know been killin shit
Be number one you feelin this
Verse 2 Thabigdawg
Verse 3 JoeSpo
I got that
I got these visions in my mind right
Trynna get em but
You gotta keep your grind tight
This a new day
What the fuck you trynna rhyme like
This a new day
Iam just trynna get my mind right
These Ideas come and they go
Then bad bitches wanna roll
Gotta 18 k chain gold
Catch me calculating these flows
Trynna stack yeah yeah you know
Trynna get the shit on the low
And they try to say
what iam not doin
But I swear to god I be doin it
Iam like
Slow days now iam killin this
People come and then people go
Still Iam here
While they ridin fast
Yeah they think they got it
In the end they dont
Creating slow
Some could say
we been creating gold
it’s the way it go

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