Makaih Freeverse

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Half a decade I did this shit, finally seeing some progress and seeing some penmanship
My competition coming up out the woodworks, this Young Gepetto
Pen no put the pedal to the pad my words are gas its settled
They want some catchy hooks I guess they why I’m talked about
Guess I set a high bar for Biggie stans with cotton mouth
My biggest stanza got a high bar count you copping out
With simple turns of phrase I turn a phrase backwards inside, and out
Oh so you silent now? Cause I can prove it
Don’t read my shit gotta study it, turn your pupil to student
Its fucking stupid how often I’m overlooked
Less you talking bout flows and hooks, all around the coldest to do this
Y’all around cold-ish its sad that
They mixing art up with rapping,
Then treat that shit like a pageant
They spit bout designer jackets
Then ask me like Dahm what happened
They pay for fame with the trapping
Then act like they going platinum, maaaaaan
Who fucking did this
Labels treating rappers like dogs and they paying em out with bitches
With Yeezy in 2020 they better pray for forgiveness
So maybe we quit the holding hands and have some competition,
Get this, Nick, you been overly optimistic
And openly on my dick with your flows and your bars you bit
But I’m hoping you fucking make it, I know that you want this shit
But you cloning me’s off the table, Just know that you are forgiven
Cause thats the part of the game that I got a problem with
Artists sharing the same flows, lacking the same confidence
Giving in to the fact that they only famous from politics
All exchange information if not then exchanging compliments
All of this, rappers manufactured like some barcodes
Tell you that you sound like another rapper you startled
Homie you ain’t original sorry for being cynical
But somebody said what you said and better than you did it too
Motherfuck a subliminal,
I’m coming straight for your neck
The flow is chopper I upgrade from the Tech
You need bullet points for all your accomplishments at the best
I just step up in the function and engage in the flex
Cause damn, married to the game- its got a nice ring to it
Make a fucking banger and rappers gon’ try to sing through it
None of the opposition hitting the mark as I do
Put my cards on the table still wonder what you gon’ bring to it
These rappers tryna go slander me, how about
You treat my name like a dick and try keep that shit out ya mouth
I put these rappers in they place and they get minimum wage there
I really don’t play fair, you get what I’m bout, damn
I take the music and really try to refine it
These hook based rappers do verses to pass the timing
Dropped this shit just a day after the tape I been grinding
Like on some real shit, you fakes gon use the word but not define it
You got a good song, you picked the wrong time and place
Cause Dahm stomping the competition is commonplace
My bars you tripping on the proof, its why you all amazed
But I’ma go and fuck off cause I could talk for days

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