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I could do this shit all day,
& everytime we pull up its party
[Hook 2]
& everybody fuckin wit the team like
Told my niggas its a go, nigga greenlight
Motion picture when we pull up to the scene right
Hail mary nigga go, nigga Eli (2x)
[Verse 1]
They like damn, Klutch goin off again
Bet 100 that he'll kill another song again
Swore I got a couple haters but they gone again
Where they go? Bitches blowin up my phone again
I aint pop yet, I aint even drop yet
Ima put this shit out cuz tay wanted some hot shit
Bring ya best offense, my niggas gon lock in
Even pick it off if he try to run the option
I'm givin her that good dick, I do my thang though
She scratchin up my back, then she laugh & call me django
Ya niggas is trash, spittin wit the same flow
The same flows, I take those & break codes
I put my team on, everybody gettin bankrolls
& I got em lookin stuck, like "what the fuck!"
Tried to digest my progress & lost his mind
Its 4th Quarter everybody know I ball for mine, 4th
[Verse 2]
Dont get it twisted, nigga this some new york shit
A B-X nigga runnin wit a new york click
Milly roc on any block, wit a new york limp
Some new shit, yall can have that old new york shit
Woah, ya niggas can't guard me
I bench the coach if that nigga don't start me
Take notes if u wanna get this money
U gon need LeBron if u niggas feelin froggy
They just keep talkin I don't understand
I hope you talkin that talk when I land
I hope you know that I know you a fan
& we gettin hotter we scorchin ya plans
Scorchin the fans, the 4th is the brand
Spendin this dough its a hold in my hand
She dont know u but she know who the man
I dont just go in I go in again, 4th
[Verse 3]
Got my niggas in the crib & u kno we bottle poppin
Everybody know its lit, they just wonder how we got it
When we pull up to the strip, hella biddies that be flockin
We be yellin lodi dodi, ya see we like to party
I be runnin thru the six, wit my whodies on the highway
Ridin til my niggas boom, u could call that kamikazee
Now they fuckin wit the click, tryna figure how to sign me
& its 4th shit, I aint even quick to talk shit
I aint even tell him that I picked his coffin
I aint even tell them that we flipped his broad like
This auction, Tell him Ima flip the market
Tell em that Ima come like Mike Jack & Jordan
Woah, we fuckin up these clubs though
& all you haters on the side lookin rough yo
I see u follow u aint showin us no love though
& while they bluffin I'ma keep this shit a hundo

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