Better Now (Prod. Makaih Beats)

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Don't you ask me why I do this I already told you
I been bout my green like I been in and out of whole foods
I been doing better now so now they all up on me
I been doing better now so now they all up on me
Bitch get out my face and quit pretending like I know you
I done leveled up no you ain't talking to that old dude
I been doing better now so now they all up on me
I been doing better now so now they all up on me
Fake niggas shooting videos throwing prop funds at they fake friends
Great niggas in my main sphere is my day ones and we rake it in
Everybody say that bout that and they ran it up but shit ain't real
I suggest you keep ya mouth shut unless you Manning up it ain't no Peyton here
All my people getting paid
Checks still coming off the fade
Got the taper on my fade
Get the fuck up out my face
Swear my city lately look like Abu Dhabi
Imma knock it out like I was Ronda Rousey
Most these people talking don't know nothing bout me
Same ones call me broke still live in public housing
Gimme a reason to spaz on you niggas I'll let the clip loose on your squad
Never been one to put pressure on triggers got hitters to shoot out my car
Run up a check at the venue then blow the whole check at the mother fuckin bar
Bounce back tomorrow from drinking that loss if you want it pull up where you are
(Verse 2)
Got a lot of stress on my main line and my trap line is a Google voice
In the kitchen whipping instrumentals swear these rap niggas getting too annoying
All these people say the same shit when they say shit then they prove my point
Everybody making death threats when I checked last most you dudes was coy
Bitch I been up on my grind
You can see it in my eyes
I can see through your disguise
You been selling people lies
Industry niggas just play to the cameras
I'm snapping on all you like ish do with Canis
You playing with toys and you claiming they cannons
My shooters legit so I claim the advantage
Fucks gave for nothing but payment advances
Please learn to play 'fore you challenge a champion
Built shit myself nothing ever was handed
Stunt on you quick while I'm slow off a Xanax
Call this shit cocky I call it reporting
These fakers pretending they special is normal
If we on the stage then I'm gone outperform you
Best pray that my team doesn't go on before you

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