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Nothing's ever been promised to me
Hear that pop pop pop that's that uzi
Ripping through me
I'm secluded just improving
Get the picture and i'm shooting
Executed my whole future
But i never blamed the butcher
But i never stopped my work
Cause what once was is now another
Things change but not the mother, father
Same roots different subject different matters
But i'm still climbing ladders
Throwing rappers make em splatter make em shatter
Trynna be smarter
Slow it down ain't trynna die for the camera
Trynna keep my stamina
Cause ive been running for too long it's time to give me mine
I just rewind and do it all over and over
Wishing for change like reline but it's never over
Life's just a game he on the sideline cause he died
Hope you'r with god hope you see me with my family when we dine
When i shine first i got to grind
Get in line they designed so we can't climb
So we get twined at the bottom where we can't shine
But i'm a be fine cause i don't believe their lies
And i won't live their lies
Get a real job and forget this rap yeah right
I'm a make it you'r either with me or against me
Better pick quick cause i'm gonna make it
And if you weren't with me since day one
Don't come around cause i ain't helping
I'm ready but i ain't telling they will see when i heat it up like panini
Patiently ready for whatever is awaiting me
Can't bother me not mentally not physically not spiritually
Take me down i will get back up i'm straight like a centipede

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