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Woke up feeling like I overdosed/ clear my soul before it's time to go/ plz don't bring me to dis world again/ all dis police killing hurricane/ I been stacking up a knot/ keep a couple 40 glocks/ need to find another strategy/ lord forgive us for this tragedy/ fuck it hustle to da max/ hit da deck or get respect/ only living just to die soon/ guess our body just sum costumes, but I been stacking up a knot/ keep a couple 40 glocks/ need to find another strategy/ lord forgive us for this tragedy
I been running up a check/ I been fucking wit my ex/ just in case a nigga feeling like he wanna step/ I been running wit da tech/ I just see da paper Aristotle I just whip da cake up like I'm Betty Crocker, yea u know I got it I will catch a body don't approach nigga wit ya animosity// Grindin thru da rain/ I'm in da sun da same/ I'm headed for da shot/ u know I'm gud wit aim/ hop out dat concrete and rose/ deez niggas be hating on da low/ I'm here to just take it intercept/ dive out of dat case like Michael phelps/ I'm thinkin bout payback, so u prolly wanna stay back/ I'm losing my mind/ da cops shootout/ leave u rocky like ASAP/ and ain't gettin no time/ I'm sick of hurting feeling burden get revenge u in a murder it's nothing personal/ it's time to change or change da lane I'm going to insane I'm purging out to close da terminal/
Lynch a nigga take us out da game but u gives us figures I don't understand/ 4 yo entertainment/ most of my niggas is stuck in cages/ taking our lives to da protest/ calling my bitch up for mo sex/ stretching dat pussy like bo flex/ all this stressing got me anorexic/ u don't get da message gotta pay attention/ don't know ya history pay a visit/ lacking da knowledge a have distant/ thinkin deez killings is not intended/ keep on praying for deez better days gotta handle issues in a better way/ yea I know I'm not perfect and make mistakes/ so I'm pouring a glass of dis Alize// grinding fo da bigger bag and blow it/ splurging like a nigga yea I know it/ reing up da money never folded/ hustle hard to keep da pockets bloated/ gotta feeud da family/ all deez killings give me allergies/ so I stay protected wit da k/ and I ain't never running out no need for batteries/

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