Imma Be Me(stay true)

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need to make my recordings better

i see what the world is coming to be
just money and fame thats not gon be me
imma stay true to this reality
love my friends and my family
gotta stay in touch cuz yall rolling wit me
when i make it big yeah yall rolling wit me
also love god he's also sticking with me
love my departed family theyll always
stay in my heart close to me
but life is tuff life can be rough
yea and stuff happens everyday gotta make it
gotta make a way each and every day
aint no doubt some of this shit crazy
some people shady
but only some this faze me
im so underestimated but dont under estimate me see what i can do
youll be fooled be looking confused
youll be amazed filled with awe struck wonder
and be thinking what else can she do
youll be amused so moved
kindof make me wanna write a lilttle song about you
but everything is cool because yall dont know what i go through
i forgive and forget so i can be a better me not holding petty grudes you see
because i got god with me
im not the one to follow who the crowd imma do me and
make my self proud ... come to me
once you figure yourself out...
people just stutin on a habite and im not gonna be the one
who's gonna have it
things so tragic
im jus taken up drama,acting out just working it out
just figured life out but still imma stay true to who
ever do me the way i treat you
wassup yea

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