Gold (Cypher Entry)

• Written by  • Featuring STRXNGEMUSIC

PROJEK's Notes

Sorry if the quality sucks... but hope you like the lyrics
Wrote, recorded, and mixed/mastered in only 37 minutes. Didn't have much time. Wasn't even going to do the cypher until Strxnge Contacted me

Cyrax98 x StrxngeMusic
I go for gold
I go for gold
I go for gold
They thinkin they could touch this, but they don't even know.
I can juxtapose a hater, make him a huxtable
People be calling me em, k. Dot, and j cole
You can call me Drake too, til I hang up the phone
Cuz I got that Hotline Bling the way I got fat stacks
And I'm growing like weeds, I'm on the fasttrack
Making all of this green, while you smoking the green grass
U can chill with your homies, asking them to past that.
But I still got it, they call me Mr​ robotic, cuz I deliver 100% like I'm automatic
I'm moving up in this world, I can't remain stagnant
And the way I'm spilling guts they call me psychosomatic
Call me Jack The Ripper the way I'm ripping these beats
E=mc2, I got too much energy
Just like drake in the rap game, got enemies
I can pack up early, my pack always packing heat
The way I can just stand up and get people on they feet
Forget starting a war until you've got an infantry
You still can't even call all the shots, I got a fleet
the death star, i'm a weapon, Star Wars Episode V
I go for gold
I go for gold
I go for gold
I go for gold
I go for gold
I go for gold
And I’m getting it, hitting it, sitting in rooms where the villains in
And I’m trilling it, killing it, stealing the shows with my skills in it.
When I’m feeling it, real and I’m reeling in all of deals and hits
Rappers still in the vintage while the game is healing and I’m sealing em out
Everyone scared when I’m about
all of my lyrics coming from spirit and they literally grasp and they choke people out
Where is the talent, cuz we in a drought.
I’m the future of hip hop right now.
I got the keys, I talk the Stick Talk
For the rappers who don’t control they own mouths
because others have their hands wrapped around
that’s why every song is a similar sound
Oh dang, Now what have I done?
I’ve finally showed people what I’ve become
The savior of rap, the chosen one
And I’m here to guide all of my sons
You gotta problem, with some wannabe thug
Feel the wraith, my wrath, the requiem
See my words and beats work in tandem
I feel like rapping flows off in tangents
excuse me guys, where are my manners
I forgot to mention all the damage
of the rappers who call me cracker even though I’m the one who’s come to salvage.
All of these rappers its an outrage
consider this message a PSA, community outreach
I did not come this far, all this way
Just so you can tell me that I play
I am where I am today because I slay
All the pretentious rappers who had their way
Yo, it’s all black and white, if u ain’t hear me right
Then, I can always rewrite, or we can call them zebra stripes
Cuz in the end, it’s all shady and gray
Cuz in the end, I’ll grab first place

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