Like Gods (feat. Cavenaugh)

• Written by  • Featuring Cavenaugh

Hyde x Cavenaugh
Like gods!
We’re gonna be like the gods.
We’re gonna be like the gods.
Like gods.
Like gods!
We’re gonna be like the gods.
We’re gonna be like the gods.
Like gods.
Like gods!
//Verse 1 (Hyde)
People keep askin’ me why don’t nobody know me,
Because nobody noticed me.
‘Cause you won’t show all the homies,
But I’m too busy focusing on my next opening,
To notice your bogus motives,
I’m too devoted.
See that guy that you thought was calm, cool, and collected,
Man, it turns out he’s not, droppin’ bombs, movin’ wreckless,
Another song, another body off the checklist,
I ain’t even give a shit if ya’ll check it,
Or left it like Brexit,
‘Cause check it, I’m the next shit,
You wanna miss it, that’s your own perspective,
But don’t expect a spot on the guestlist.
Or a feature on the setlist,
When I’m poppin’ off in just a second.
Man, they think we playin’ Cav,
Guess they don’t know what happens when you play with the champs,
Next step is the top with with squad,
Catch me rockin’ with Nas
Earned our spot, like gods.
//Verse 2 (Cavenaugh)
[Projek]tin my feelings, I'm spitting so fearless,
You sit in confusion, I leave you like [Dahm].
We are the gods, and I'm leaving you holy,
While shooting these bolts at the TGM movement.
Apollo descendants, you getting the message?
Make like my partner, you better just [hide].
With the [ill words] we'll be killing your [pride].
Struggling, tuggin' on, I'm keeping my feet on my ground,
I'm looking around.
Seeing these mortals go through the same portals,
Sort of like sheep when they followin' shepherds,
And desperate measures, no countin' on them.
Better be callin' me Pan,
I am the one, I'm the man,
Shearin' the wool off the Stans,
Gonna be relevant, rebelin',
What are you doin'?
Constellation, I'm makin' the statement, gonna be up with the gods!
//Verse 3 (Hyde)
I’m lookin’ down from Mount Olympus,
Watch the demigods walk amongst you,
You can’t see the crowns from that distance,
But I promise that you’ll see ‘em when you’re lookin’ up through
The clouds: it’s only days away,
Cavenaugh brought that loud, I just gave him a place to slay,
Look around, all the gods paved the way,
Started from the ground up, now we set the pace of play.
Only a couple of months ago, you ain’t know my name,
Now I own my lane, already showin’ gains,
Already growin’ fame,
If a couple of days of struggle can raise me,
Double the muscle should have me reigning.
Lookin’ around, lookin’ around, I ain’t see much competition,
Just a bunch of followers sayin’ their opposition,
A lot of talkin’ at my back while I stand beyond,
Try again when I’m walkin’ with the pantheon.

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