Pray For Your Life (ft. Spirit) ...

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Mental Breakdown and Spirit
-Mental Breakdown
Even in the afterlife, Intact I'll snatch the mic
From the mutha fucking antichrist. Anti up parasite,
I'll cool myself off. In 20 K Fahrenheit.
You said you at the top, but I heard you scared of heights,
The devil dared me twice, to jump into a lava pit,
We pay away police to show you what a profit is.
Like we one of Mohammed kids, mahalo is a hollow tip,
Never battle me, my verses on some boxing shit.
Like Rest In Peace but opposite, a lot of it's deranged
And I'm Still a fucking genius, if they rob me of my brain,
It's driving me insane like getting bodied by a train,
So I go off on a track, and I'll probably drop the frame,
I'll rock Chewbacca's mane. With a chewpacabbra's head,
Your army fucked with me and now they got a lotta dead.
This Hip Hop's Apocalypse. The Cypher Sniper Syphon,
Your life, with the fight of Rikers. With the write and spike of lighters,
Make you lighter with igniters. All my fighters might be vipers.
Hyper than a hypochondriac, In a hockey mask they sight us
I'm pulling all nighters. In a hundred nights on Venus.
You better best believe it, I'll end your life like a fetus.
Now Vegans what they feed us, cuz it's quick to get to bone,
The Doctor Of The Demons, I fix on splittin domes,
Yo I'll rip this shit alone, with the voice that's in my skull
Verse two'll hurt you, I'm a fucking animal,
(We'll make you pray for your life)
I went to your show. all I see are empty chairs.
Me and E on the beat equals Emcee squared.
Not trying to start trouble, Not trying to misbehave.
But I'm about to make sixty more spirits here with this grenade.
Cave. Man. Always primitive you better Play. Dead.
I'm a winner and I'll bring ya, This. Heat.
Like a mammal animal, In-stinct. So. Yo.
Welcome to my show. Be sure to grab a seat first.
You'll be on the edge of it turning white like T-Shirts.
I guess you're better off, with the view from the bleachers.
Your verse is weak, mine's so sweet it make my teeth hurt.
Speak first and blast last. Nope last chance,
shoot first and ask questions last, tho.
Bodies rattle when I battle with gatling guns,
Staggering to run, thumbs up to the blast zone.
Into shit I get it. Girls just want to have fun
My trigger finger's itching. Hey that's a bad gun.
I'm not a ginger but a soul I never had one.
I'm the rap athlete, I love to let the track run.
Sike I'm the one that's running the race.
And since I'm mixed. I think I'm number one in the race.
I'm hunting the chase. I punch, wait no.
I mean to say, I'll kick you to Venus.
No one can hear you scream in space.
-Mental & Spirit
We'll Make You Pray For Your Life

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