Strange Fire (RapPad Cypher)

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GroteskIsDead's Notes

Circuit: San Diego, California
Grotesk: Denver, Colorado

GroteskIsDead & Circuit
Verse 1:
Step into the spiritual vast where my body decays
The words come alive, nobody here ages, we live in the mind
Expand from the Iris and grab the light
And black, shift to mass destruction, create yo path
Masta buildas
My craft'll kill em n fade to black
And back to cold space
Won't live when the pain reacts
Causin mad abrasions
Beast incomin, makin maniacs
The brain, you fascinated
Break from it and make it fast
Make a drastic change on yo life, live and take it back
We can take it back, take a crack at the crooked mask on
A wicked add on
You with the famine
Or with the full
Whatchu fathom
A sun collector like the bull
Beyond my skull
Look it's light as gold
Got the brightest soul
Where the darks enrolled
We unite in growth...
So... When i tell you I go top to bottom
You rock with fallen
I travel from the depths of autumn to spring
Verse 2:
-seeping through the crevices of craniums I'm leaving you
with messages of pain and sin my is pen is what I need to prove
-my skill killing dudes like killers on the evening news
y'all can't see me in the booth covered eyes no peeking through
-when I'm underestimated I leave em undermine
feet, crushing heads and faces as I puncture minds
-deep in the desert places I lead em up to die
falling weak from desolation destitute dumb and blind
-now deaf you sit in deficits definitely death is true
endeavoring with deadliness cuz when i spit death ensues
-my emphasis in each and every sentence is immaculate
rapidly perfect the craft spitting like ejaculate
-coming graphic with my raps is my plan to enhance
my chance over enemies their flabbergasted in a trance
-complexity surpasses mathematics for the rap fanatics
I reck emcees on a track of havoc massive damage
Verse 3:
My mind runs through each individual brain
The rhythm and rain, you hear it, all my energy aimed
-Esoteric sentences you listen you're never the same
A pestilence no medicine you stepped within deadliest plagues
-I levitate like leaven while the rest of em simple and plain
step into dominions with wicked and lyrical pain
I aim at your heart, like, invading your scars
It fades and you start, embracing the art, till the world can feel what im on
-As I deliver this I'm killing em i leave em appalled
like a terrorist when innocents get hit with a bomb
Murder you for free, lyrics that I spit carry
Surgical degrees, literary gift bearing, myth varies
Mind exploration, vivid records off, legends spawn
Fine rarities on what I revel on, my epilogue
-death is strong like the propaganda from a demagogue
stepping off the ledge into the depths of the lesser gods

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