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(Cameron Taylor Ft. Jaey Paschal)
Uncle was right when he told me life sucks
and felling like a nobody just makes my depression influx
Nobody really understands the situation
It's probably better that I die so I can fix the nation
Stop saying I'm a silly young-in asking for a hand-out
You sound stiffer than a lout man with hand gout
You sound slimier than my ex girl with a raw trout asking if I really wanna show her out
I really honestly don't think you understand me
My fake Friends asking for money like candy
The real ones just tell me they cant stand me
I'm the macho man of rap just savage like randy
I'm about to bury you like Pecci's in my family
"Oh another white rapper", well that's just dandy
Another stupid heifer who thinks he can win a Grammy
Another stupid rapper who's rapping just like a panzee
Another stupid mistake the industry found "handy"
Well I guess that makes 2 up in the family

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