Big Bro

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ForiegnerZ_Production's Notes

I feel this is my best track so far pretty proud of it!! Give props if you like it!!

// I put a lot of effort and time I hope you guys really like it and if you don't mind propping it id appreciate it
(-Intro 1-)
Gotta say I fucked up I fucked your life up bro yall niggas need to understand how all this shit we do
All this crime it ain't worth it I mean fucked my brothers life up I snitched on him I don't wanna admit it but I did
That's not even the point the point is we jus gotta stop ND do the right shit for once
Think shit through you know do shit legitimately
{-Verse 1-}
Damn how could I sit there nd watch your life go down as you drown
Gotta say I'm sad now I let my brother down watched him get locked up cause I'm a clown
Where the fuck is batman cause all I see is jokers now I'm chillen with tokers
Big bro I'm sorry yo I didn't mean to sacrifice yo life I was scared shitless alright
I sit up all night pretending I was right im fuckin scared bro ain't got nobody here
I'm sitting in this chair lonely with all these fuckin fears now I jus need my big bro
To show me the right road to tell if the girls I fuck with are hoes this is real shit im confessin to it
(-Intro 2-)
Yall don't know how it feels to betray your brother
A nigga who was there for me protected my mom like she was his own
Yall don't know how it feels to be alone to be without the person you counted on your whole life
ND I left him there cold couldn't even stare into his eyes thats what's fucked you know
That's the fucked part I couldn't stare at him in that court room
{-Verse 2-}
Got a guilty conscience prayin to god you come outta it
Wonderin should I of went into it shit should it be me in there instead of you
Wantin to write to you everyday but too afraid you despise the man I am
Jus want to know if your okay ND if you still love me like your lil bro like you use to say
Do you still got my back after I fucked you over like that big bro I'm sorry yo
I talked to you once said you understood said it was that nigga kevin's fault
But I know you were tryna keep me safe stop me from blaming myself
That's the fucked part you know told me stop dealin that dope told what to say if I ever got caught by those fuckin pig
I ratted you out that day you told me to hand the shit to you ND I fuckin did I left you with that shit man
God damn I was a pussy than I seen you ran seen you get tackled by fifteen cops
They couldn't bring you down you broke that niggas nose as I sat in the cop car ND watched it all
(-Final intro-)
God man I'm sorry man I'm sorry I left you I'm sorry I put that shit on you man
I'll never forget the shit you di for me man I love you big bro
{-Final Verse-}
I fuckin left you never fuckin forget what you did for me even though all the shit that happen was all my fault
I'll never let a nigga talk bad about you again I know I wont ever see you your locked up for life
I shoulda been there that night shoulda helped you out in that cop fight
But I didn't stared through a fuckin window what the fuck did I do
I fuckin miss you I miss all those times we had all those fuckin licks we did
Your my fuckin family and I left you there in sorry big bro I love you

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