Slowitdownn Cypher

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Please dont compare me to rappers
I am not no normal rapper
I am the one you are after
I am the one you should hunt with the guns
till my head is a splatter
Yeah, but good luck with it
I need plenty zeroes motherfuck a ones digit
Y’all bite straight taking bars like you done tripping
pitch black hope for you people that dont fuck with it, Oh lord
This ain’t the shit that you wanted
This ain’t the shit that you ordered
I aint gon’ lie when I die they gon’ throw a parade
like i came from new orleans
and they gonna flash like I’m gordon
My flow is so flash like I’m Barry Allen
fuck up titans like I’m Harry Hamlin
When I slow it down its kinda scary sounding
Yeah I took some L’s but you won’t hear about em i could
Run up on a motherfucker like I been Usian Bolt
Tryna get away from me then really you insane hoe
I’m putting down this whale of a beat like its Keiko
Locking down the flow you couldn’t hide it in a lake yo
Fuck with me you gonna end up inside of a hospital bed off of your head
Lucky that you aren’t a threat or I’d find you and y’all know the rest off with you head
I been the best real shit, you wont ever make a million
I been tryna sign a deal, shit, they aint offer you a deal yet
y’all rude hoe, you goofies I’m Pluto
I’m bruce lee like judo You Brutus I knew though
Do not trust no new folk like alt j its cool though
they try shade might fade em yell who diss like new phone
You know this a victory lap, said I’m God Level where the ministry at
You sick of the raps?
Motherfucker get with the facts, really I’m back, they said that I’m silly and wack I’m not
Got the pick the litter of literally any instrumental sent I pick this one
Get shit done, sick of bitches um, picking up a phone, when we getting lit bruh
Kind of a catch phrase, knew that I could prove I could do it since like Past Faith
Mass grave for all of the bad artists
that made it but lack heart and then ended with bad karma damn
Wu Tang aint nothing to fuck with
But Dahm kill a beat thats the end of discussion
Young kid with a flow, no interruption
ain’t caught a body but see me rapping better run quick
I’m taking apart all the particles up in your body
I park it outside your party so I can whip it retarded
Like kids who listen to Gotti or Ghandi God or a guardian
Go you getting got and I’m getting a balling audience
Six deep got green fly whip like George Jetson
So Elroy, with my dogs thats more flexing
No texting, when I’m driving pedestrian people
be sending messages I receive em deflect them
I been gassed for a minute like I’m depressing the pedal
While tryna hit me some licks and while hot boxing the rental
But my chrysler kaput’s how they put it and shit is settled
Now edits, debit, stilettos only thing clouding my mental
I meant to be better but then again I meant to be famous by now
But I’ll go fight you right now if you say hype has died down
Can’t help but clown ‘em like an ICP fan
You might be neat fam, but sorry I’m out, I mean
The homie floating more white than Kyrie Irving’s yacht
Im putting in work with this rap shit till I’m perfect stop
Tryna one up cause you heard my cypher I heard you lost
Wouldn’t call it cocky just optimistic you heard the shots

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