Flame X Hustle - Feels So Good (...

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Feeling so good Flame, Hustle in every hood
Put the pieces of the puzzle together and see what could
Lyrical domination, Infiltration, shaking off Satan
The angels replacing demonic craving a heartless beat racing
Lacing the track then facing the facts this track is from two amazing cats
Who blaZing the paths and changing up rap with hustle you know I'm making it bacc
Juz stating the facts remember when I was younger writing aching to rap
I'm taking it bacc when rap was really rap I know you relating to that
Feeling so good, never hating have no patience for that
Reminiscing wave caps Rakim, Kool G Rap
Females with the dubie wrap a young nigga pursuing that
Bring the triggas bring the cash counting figures while figures past
Pouring liquor while liquor smashed hashtag got hash in bags
Mob ties suit and ties or mobbed up with boots tied
Get boot if not tied then cruise to a cruise line
Never by myself nigga, in line my crew shines
Tell me what it feel like to be in the field light Body full of lightning, writing kitin, drippin electrolytes
Outta sight with my sight my vision it takes flight
Precise with these heights, ignite and stay bright
The feeling of an underdog gettin overhyped
Would you rather be raw or would you rather be ripe
If it don't feel right would you give what's left
Inferior superiors with weak chin clefts
Everybody on the menu wanna be the supersizer
But to manage the shine you would need a supervisor
I stretch out horizons, Sprint past Verizons
Spittin ice cream bars for listeners to delight in
I think in 4D I rap in 4K
A legendary luminary locked in layaway
They playa ways’ll fade away when they get weighed with weights of games
And my game is insane I'm just waitin for the day
I'm getting ends dividends and I don't care how much I spend
I get it in that's why I called on hustle you can finish him
I make amends and break the trends
When papers thin, I rake it in
We play to win, hustleman and fireman trailblazing twins
Bring Flame to the game that was frozen
We fit the picture, y'all posin
We head first in the lava burst
But y'all afraid to put toes in
Too many people not fully immersed
They talk drive but act reversed
Wet with fire, blessed with a curse
Nibble on nipples, I hunger for thirst
Hunger for hunger for having an appetite
Rolling my thunder then catch em with after strikes
After the clash after the math additions I've added will sum up the light
Light up the lighter in light of the the lightning
Lyrical light and the brightness enticing
Crazy hooks from Tyson,
Psycho Crusher, M. Bison
The icing we devising, sweeter topping caramelizing
Check the license, throw the dice in, older gambles, risky writin
We ridin near with Raiden here, Metal Gear Rising
We both ninja tracks, is it really that surprising

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