Book of Life

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Verse 1:
Dream about the past and all the shit that I've been,
thinking about my mind and all the times when I sinned.
Some people might judge me based on the shade of my skin;
but the only thing they hate 'bout me is that I'm better than them.
Don't give a fuck what they say, I'm still going to try till I win.
This that real deal shit that makes your soul start to grin.
I remember times of happiness and places I been...
Or when I dropped out of school so I could begin to live.
This life seems to have multiple ups and several downs,
where brief recognitions diagnose my preconditions.
I wish I could've grown up with some given white privilege,
just so I can stop myself from feeling unpermitted.
Alcoholic daddy and a poorly treated mama,
all his fucking problems seemed to leave scars all up on her.
I began to feel the pain of hate, causing me trauma.
All my life I've hesitated, just like a comma.
I'm going to live my fucking dream and that's a promise.
I'm a master in the game not a novice.
The biggest factor of my struggles is staying honest,
and solving brittle problems with a certain attitude of calmness.
Digest my pride and prejudice to think among the broadest,
every person has inner struggles of being lawless.
This is a book of life and all we are is poems,
these thoughts and premonitions always guide me towards my home.
Aye yo, I'm going to flow again okay? Aright. Yo. Yo.
Verse 2:
Don't we dream of being everything we aren't?
Shape-shift to look like somebody famous to betray our hearts?
Maybe in time the negatives will all depart,
leaving positivity to branch out and grow a heart.
I spit my soul like it's a precious art,
and let y'all decipher every word and pick that shit apart.
Cultivate my shit and lit it breathe like a part of life,
'till it roots in you and you know it's more than just alright.
My music has soul that's never staying still,
the listeners perception changes my songs to fit their needy will.
My rhymes is sleepy like a couple pills of dramamine,
putting you to shame as you envision yourself as a king.
if you don't know this I never even graduated,
believed in myself when all the love was evacuated.
Just a youngin' having dreams of being king,
pondering my thoughts as I begin to slay my dream.
Sitting on the bus playing logic, kicked out my home,
and now I'm 16 trying to live life all on my own.
Just a music fiend trying to make a living,
spitting his heart out for anybody just to listen.
Maybe I'm a menace or maybe just a pawn,
but if I get knocked down you know I'll still be writing on.
Yeah. My name is, Kid XL, and if you don't know me, listen to this song.

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