Old Spirt

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Yeah i made mistakes but i was trying to catch a break proved to be a lesser man every time you test my faith
clutching on this sig Sauer attachments bare some extra weight yeah i got some enemies but really lets just call it hate use to be my ace but a lot of em they turned to snake hope u die slow and ill see u in that burning place
treading through my old town thinking to my self like thank god that i slowed down and for what i know now
if i could take it back let me state the facts this will be the same road i go down all i see is violence so I'm clutching on this 4 pound got a couple clips the shoe box got more rounds
and the p226 aint for show now for my kids and wife give up my soul now
so i stay with big blades Astaroph soul cal smoking high grades till I'm zoned out
cause man this is life and tell me is a damn thing right cause it all seems wrong and lately its the same old song tell me what the hell is going on
cause man this is life and tell me is a damn thing right terror news in the morning and shootings at night this can't be life
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