TaZ - One Last

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First single off the "Unspoken Prodigy" project.

One last ride
Sticking my brothers till I die
All those days that we struggled
Sticking like a team when we huddled
Always had each others backs
We ain't worried bout the fumble
And we always be there if we stumbled
Working night to dawn
Fuck my city for family I'm putting on
Cuz half of my city doubted me its time to move along
I was such a young age
And I was learning right from wrong
From people poppin pills
Robbing and stealing
Is why I rap the song
Some people never learn
But I know I just gotta keep to myself
And I ain't got nothing to be concerned
R I P my daddy really hope he hears my words
My mind has been racing and I can feel the burn
Talking to father
Seconds later ashes in a urn
I'm not looking for a sob story
But im the realest that recording
All these skeletons I'm hoarding
Working every single day
Because that goal is so awarding
Verse 2:
How will I ever make it when they always doubted me
Telling me I can't achieve
Saying that I wont succeed
This ain't really new to me
Haters think they moving me
When ya daddy gone
And you stuck writing a eulogy
Rapping bout your guns drugs everything you slang that ain't really cool to me
I got so many dreams of buying my FAM a home
And that's only gonna come from the realest things I wrote
I swear I give it the mic
Everything I ever owed
Saying that I'm white and I'm rich
You would never ever know
Seen so many things why my flow is so cold
From a place where it never snows
So whatevers under ya nose
Is pretty dope
Blood dripping from ya arm
Reporting another overdose
Prostitues hanging
By the corner store
And when I got evicted I sleeping on some bodies floor
I be living open minded
All these behind the closed door

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