Godly (Prod. KNB)

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I've been on my new shit <new shit>
I've been on my new shit <godly, godly>
I've been on my new shit <godly, godly>
I've been on my new, I've been on my new shit
[Verse 1]
I've been on my new shit, poppin off with a new clip
I'll show you violence first hand like news clips
Who's this <exitium>
What's this <godly>
Let you know what you in fo' like investigators prolly
Oh lord they been calling on me for the flow more
They say let me feel what you been saying, this my home court
I got that rock now like a bad bitch that's getting engaged
Feeling the rage, dishing out open shots, bar tending the game
I hope you're ready this is heavens wish I'm bringing first
Just wait the devil sent me leveling you heathens turf
These waters treacherous irrelevance is leaving soon
I've said this shit like twenty times and y'all don't even move
I'll bring the metal through like it's a rock band
Have you ducking from the foul hits when them shots land
Brought fam? They can get it to
I'll leave ya ancestors miserable
Wondering what I did to you
Damaging ya friends mentals too
Let em take a peak at the massacre
I'm nastier than pussy after birth
Have ya whole body opened up when the ratchet bang
When I say I capped you, on God you didn't graduate
I've been on my new shit <godly>
I've been on my new shit <godly, godly>
I've been on my new shit <godly, godly>
I've been on my new shit, poppin off with a new clip
I've been on my new shit <godly>
[Verse 2]
Cold hearted when I blast the K
Ain't a barber but you'll catch the fade
Swear to God i'ma monster with it
Lost cause with some savage aim
Practically a damn masterpiece every time that I spit a verse
Gravity kicks back for me as I levitate and begin to murk
Put in work <work>
I'ma put em in the dirt, no Ferg
Ain't even talking bout Drum Line when I'm saying you got served
At my worst <worst> I am Satan in the flesh
Super Saiyan slaying saviors every payment is a death
You know that I keep it warm, I make sure that heater lights
You seeing christ when my demons slice
I'm leaving mics fucked up
Hearing my name and they're calling me
Following after my steps like I'm walking these waters see
Wallowing all in my shadow the Phantom demanding the man is now dropped in the black hell
Thats me
And I'm killing these beats
The villain dependant on will and my reach
The menace for ending the simplest writtens
Divinity close but I'm really that mean
<said I'm really that mean>
And I'm never gonna stop this
Bitch you know I got it, repping H Town like my Rockets
<reppin H Town like my Rockets>
I've been on my new shit <godly> x3
<godly> x2

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