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test this? please i dont suggest it sleaze
you get on a beat and incest molest these beats
buts lets be free, and free is not binding
i got these nazi zombie haters round 52 guns blinding
i developed a pathing they all just followed after me!
distaster petes completing complete anarchy, on all my competition
that other which try to slander me im gentle but ill string you the fuck up like a hostile caterpie
whats uh whats the fucking matter petes?!
ill splatter thee, then eat some kraft dinner on your fat ass masterpiece
the master of patienced peaced
all in my fucking wake i leave
is carcass that those i love can eat
because beyond all law and matter ill fucking adjust to be
just to see the love i breathe
ameobas still shit and eat
maybe goodnes is our way up and we all just started beneath?
hard to believe, but where it at?
the facts? that say there is definitely no God?
it seems that is directly related with being intelligent, oh gosh
ill eat you up and spit you out swallow isoprophyll like some broke wash
money never really seemed important because everything i wanted came at no cost
now my mind distracting me because of money like my floats lost
i mean its lame as fuck but at least it aint your soap op
go float and flop i dont kock the boat i rock
im so dope i make them comatose and stop
think wait just for a brief second but im commando!
yes i understand bro, your the man show,
everyone is here to see you just as we planned so
get on with show em your stuff and em scarf it
people are what they eat so it dont even matter if its garbage
i would never even think of using this term out of context but thats retarded
and no they arent connected too the mentally different
and no not lesser like what you were expecting
because they can imagine some pretty crazy shit too
what you think of? drugs women and booze?
i used to hang out with this dude with epilepsy
and ill do the same so he wont forget me
we would chill all day and his mind was left neat
he was literally my bestie, no pistures to prove it
memories to shove at people showing flyers looking clueless
i geuss its alot less embarrasing beyond them closed doors
people getting riled at changed but you been split personalities since fucking oh four!
didnt someone hit rewind? when 2012 hit? are we all dead but to figure it out would be selfish?
this was my mushroom mind on my second melt trip
and i had a dream i swear i fucking felt it
it said something like fuck your selfesteem thats the root of selfish
when your well spent and go online for a hell vent
think damn, did i do enough today to call myself selfless?
and isnt it just envy that spooky sin thats driving you mad bro
like damn you so in denial you put in the rap flow!
i guess this is healthy and all that rose
but the wait of the world starting to make my long back broke

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