Rat - Killer - 01

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Miracles on The Road
Track 01 - Rat - Killer
The music speaks for itself.
Track 02 - One for the Road is on the way, featuring EXS22's beat.

Gonna spit some random bars,
not brag about cars
see? this is coming far
Think this is a challenge? Ha!
Nah, this aint nothing more than writing with a pen
In pen with friends
Every day like it's never gonna end
And i don't even need to send
Cause everybody here is friends
Or do we all just pretend?
And friendship is destined to end?
cause I don't even know if people know
about all of the kids who be dying round the globe
While your sat there in your robes
I'm like No bruv, what are you doing fam
Think that your bad cause you go around bagging grams
Thinking everybody else actually gives a dam
hell nah, don't even care bout you or your gang
Where have you been for the past 5 years
Did you really go ditch a group of volunteers
I've seen you on the bottle, drinking too many beers
now run off with you friends, make sure to tell em cheers.
I don't want anything to do with you
Cause the only few chances i gave you blew
Think you can come back like that and just break through
nah,nah, your brains twisted like a corkscrew
I thought i was once bad, bruv your mentally deranged
Me writing this rap to tell you was never arranged
But dont change cause that would be a tradegy
And to you bag of men that would be blasphemy
But if you do make sure that you stay true
To your own path, like my arrow flying through
And aim for gold, don't be content with blue
Cause anything below red says "i'm just a noob"
I got the same instrumental stuck on replay
If i don't finish this rap, i might be frayed
But thats still far from being afraid
Cause i know my skills are only being delayed
Look at the levels of lyricism in my verse
While i talk about a man who would steal a purse
I aint saying that i am the best in the game
saying i'm better than those who would lie for fame
you see they lie ,about all of their crimes
So they get people thinking they're the best in grime
But i bet they don't even know how to tell the time
Bet they don't even know where they get their nine from
Talk about their 44's and their 4 doors
Think that they are rich, nah they are poor
I dont see one of em with their own business
other than akala but he too is a witness
to the lies that all of these guys be telling
They are good at making things up, cause they dont know their spellings
But anyway im not here to give a blessing
I'm here just here to say your idols are messing
I aint even done yet
Still got two legs
so ima carry on running till you click next
Cause i know they be getting aggravated
in the time that im only getting motivated
Cause when i get angry i explode
When that happens i dont stop to hit the road,yo
Rat killer is the name of this thriller
You think i'm small but my power is bigger
Cause i be packing punches harder than Bruce lee
Never stop to drink punch, juice or tea
Cause i got my mind spinning like a web
Searching for the poor soul whoever comes next
and makes their name up onto my text
man they should feel blessed but at the same time stressed
Cause i will lyrically put them into a coffin
Bury them so deep you wont hear them coughing
i will sit back, watch their fan base start flopping
while i take a bite from a life and ask "whats popping?"
Keeping it one hundred isn't hard
So why you go acting like you got a body guard
It's calling for trouble, for me to come and burst your bubble
Finish you off and leave you breathless in the rubble
So i suggest that you don't go starting trouble
cause it will make wanna lay you up with a double
And to you that may sound funny
but it wont be when your crying home for your mummy

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