Chizzy- Lotto(prod by Dee Reese ...

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B town as a young nigga,
80 block got the drug dealers
In the jungle Tarzan catch me swinging with gorillas
Skin black try to kill us,
So I stay with the real ones,
Never switch on my day ones been with me since go funds.
Six side On the road now,
Go time never slow down,
Got the pennies in the piggie bank
Trynna turn that shit to gold now,
Had a virgin she a hoe now i can't trust these hoes
Gimme head at her mans house,
Tell me keep it on the d low.
Chase green no ceelo
Got cash money on the free throw
Ten toes down my feet low
Rap game big man Z bo.
I just wanna be the best,
Greatest tatted on my chest,
Put these doubters in a coffin,
Lay em down make em rest
Niggas trynna talk i say no no no,
You was hating on me don't you call me bro,
Brokeboi but i'm celebrating everyday,
Thank the Lord i hope these blessings never fade away
HOOK;Cash tickets all weekend,
You would think i hit the lotto
Ballin on em like a rocket
Blast off like Apollo.
Skrrt off on the plug twice
goddamn im pablo
All my bitches on a leash they go wherever i go.
Cash tickets like Lotto,
Get the money thats the motto
Feel like jordan number 23
Windy city thats Chicago.
I'm so hot right now,
I can't stop right now,
Lockjaw like Kodak, can't talk so i bite down
Chizzy chizzy hit em with the switcheroo
Tell these rappers no more games dont play the peekaboo
Here to shock the world i feel like peekachu
Dumming through the bandz dont do residuals
Momma in the kitchen chop it chop it up
80 block was boomin you should know whatsup
Couple niggas that gon pull up at the gaslight
Bang bang with the uzi better act right.
Cash tickets all weekend,
You would think i hit the lotto
Ballin on em like a rocket,
Blast off like apollo.
Skrrt off on the plug twice
goddamn im pablo,
All my bitches on a leash
They go wherever i go.

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