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Crazy muhfucker love sucker subtle thought bubbles
My arm buckles, while I punch the wall with brass knuckles- on
Couple of hard chuckles, my heart flutters
I fall over, my blood'll form puddles of
Ruffle my feathers I shuffle through my weapons
And start ruckus stuff your body in the urinals block gutters
We can be called brothers, unless you want trouble cocksuckers
I'll make you shudder like a clock buzzer
You're not tougher I'll leave you with a torn butthole
Do not scruple the best I'll summon your last supper
I'm above others a truculence duffer plus I cause scuffle, smother and sunder you fuckers when I drop thunder
A born nutter, supple chainsaw cutter
To cut through your stubborn nuts like soft butter
I'm gon cuddle the blade, another prey, not a wonderful you're utterly scared
I'll make you all suffer
This shit is serious yo
Crazy Earthling
I'm takin over
So y'all batter fall back
Aint nobody fuckin with this shit
Coming with a killer symphony
Killing the beats simply
Sometimes I act like an ass but you won't get no shit from me
Been fuckin ill since infancy
I turn to a beast instantly
Ripping the mics viciously
Spittin with no sympathy
Beating your ass like timpani
Flipping this raps easily
Ink that i blast greedily
Industry will crash speedily
And I'll be alone standin at the top
Spittin gleefully
Kickin u while ur down, evildoer
They be calling me bully
Exceedingly willing to kill you
And make u plead eagerly
Seemingly innocent, but I'm insidious
Give a fuck what people think
Y'all so wack, 1cent of me is enough to blend in the scenery
Fuck ur 2cents, half cent to kill the verses half for the enemies
I'm the King fucker, so better think twice 'fore u step to me
I'm reckoned to be satan, ur life's gon be in jeopardy
So when I wreck the beat
Feel the full affect of me
I'm the next best to be

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