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I dunno who I'm talkin' to, I don't want it being awkward-for you,
So maybe I can inform-you before-the storm-do, It isn't just money,
Happiness is import-ant-too, all the things you're looking forward to,
Everything you put before you is undermining the importance of you, you gotta be sure its for you,
Otherwise hittin' the floor'll be you,
too busy worryin' about some flaws in the truth,
Looking for something fill that void within you,
and why does it seem like everybody is avoid-in you too?
Toying with you, boy if you knew,
then you could probably look back over it with a smile,
instead of sticking in the same aisle,
Saying I'll change tomorrow but you stay the same,
its been this way for a while...
I'm sorry if I didn't pick a hot topic,
but I cant see anyone else is gonna be honest,
So if you're down then I'm on it, you will not be forgotten,
I mean that, in the best way possible,
Just understand, you are responsible, for makin' the impossible possible,
even if you were bullied-a-lot-at-school,
Keep showing them your boat isn't rockable,
And they ain't got the key to the unlockable,
sit back relax and keep plotting fool,
Here's a song that will verbally sock em all, we're in this together, raise middle finger,
And fuck em all...

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