1:Waves (Wet Dreamz Refix)

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It's a struggle thinking how I might provide
I can't envision working in a 9-5 it doesn't feel right
But this music shit just gets it off my mind
I don't see myself on stages with the bright lights
I guess I'll find my right path in due time
For now i'll stay up on this daily grind I'm doing just fine
Don't wanna fit in with the timeline
Everybody doing shit for the vine
Or for 5 minutes in the limelight
Everybody's trying to stunt with a sidechick,
The Ignorance is so frightening
So scared what their mandem might think
When they know they got a good girl and wanna wife it
So tell me, are your boys gonna mother your kids
Will you provide for those kids , selling lids just to buy new kicks
Don't you ever wanna escape from the bits
Make your own puzzle and stop wondering where you might fit
I ain't a sheep I'm a lion and I roam free
No trend or fake friends gonna control me
I smoke weed, open my mind and let my soul breath
Put pen to paper and turn words to poetry
Lions like me we don't lose sleep
Not over the opinion of all you little sheep
Form lasts a moment, and It's class that you keep
Wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn't make you weak
The road out of the struggle might be paved with trouble
But even the empire state started as rubble
Round here 99 Problems Is a Minor
On the roads of Manchester Stress levels are doubled
Certain estates, you'd mistake em for ruins
But Unfazed we stay blazed and keep what we're doing
Hard times for our sides, we've all been through em
Stay busy on the streets we've gotta keep on moving
With the heart of a lion, In the home of the brave
By 21 most of us are locked up or in graves
Trying to move as a collective and make some change
But it feels like nobody wants to hear what we say
From down North where the goverment forgets we exist
Knives stay tucked we settle scores with a fist
Where we dream of a day when police let us be
When we dream of a day that our brothers are free
But fuck that, we move past that
Chatting to the girls on the snapchat
Instagram we double tap that
Streets full of tshirts and airmax
North face jackets and snapbacks
Crackheads and smackrats
Fuckboys that act bad
We got attitude so we chat back
See a pretty girl and wanna mack that
Get her in the club to throw that ass back
Live shows, me and my bros we want the fat stacks
That's that
Life that we're living, weight on my shoulders like a boulder
Living as the lonely stoner, slowly sippin my corona
Blaze the type of herb that's known to put you in a coma
Strongest aftershave couldn't mask it's aroma
Puff Puff Pass till it's over
Lying on my sofa
Lying All Messi Like I play for Barcelona
With that 10/10 Peng Peng weed up in my rizla
So high up in the clouds I could recite the holy scriptures
On that next stage head wave, leaning off the liquor
Me and my G's we're only in this for the scrilla
And a better day, better week, better life
Where we can put down knifes and pick up the mic
Dreams of a family and a peng wife
And we know that it's all coming in due time
Home of the brave, we stay high when we feelin low
Money goes on weed to blow
Trust me we don't speak to hoes
Thirsty Bitch don't ring my phone
Crazy Thoughts Up In My Dome
Thinking is it time to go
But then I look around and
Realize that I'm finally home

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